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One of the first and most important steps when incorporating your business is choosing the entity type that offers the most potential benefit for your business. The two most common entity types chosen by new businesses, corporations and limited liability companies, and learn about the advantages and disadvantages of each.


For businesses that choose an LLC business structure, their personal assets are considered separate from the personal interest invested in the company. This means that debts and liabilities incurred are the responsibility of the business rather than its members.


LLCs are taxed on a pass-through basis, meaning the profits and losses of LLCs are paid out by each individual owner and are only reflected on their personal income tax returns. LLCs with multiple owners, however, must file a purely informational tax return for their business, while LLCs held by a single member do not.


Members of an LLC are able to determine how the company is viewed as a taxable entity. LLCs are either federally taxed as a partnership or a sole proprietor, depending on whether it’s a multi-or single-member LLC. The business may also, however, choose to be taxed as an S- or C-corporation.

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