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Tax and Accounting Help

So often, customers ask us for guidance or help with an accounting related question.  Unfortunately, we are not licensed to provide any such guidance.  But now we have a solution!

Free Tax Consulting

When you order any products or services, you are given the opportunity to schedule a free consultation with a tax/accounting expert from our new partner 1800Accountant.

After you have submitted your order, we will give you the option of scheduling your FREE tax consultation from one of 1800 Accountant’s experts either immediately or at some point in the future.  If you aren’t sure, we’ll remind you of this benefit, so that you don’t miss out on it.

What do you get for free?

You’ll be given a place on our website to schedule your free consultation with a 1-800-Accountant tax advisor. You can ask any series of questions. Please note though, that ultra-specific questions to your situation, may require hands-on advice, which they can offer for a fee. Based on your questions, the tax advisor will also offer suggestions for services they offer. You are not under any obligation to take any of them. But, it never hurts to hear what your options are, right?

No Obligation!

You are under no obligation to take advantage of this offer either now or later.  In fact, if you don’t want it, go ahead and deselect this service and we won’t bother you again.

Who is 1800 Accountant?

1800 Accountant is a nation-wide accounting firm.  Click on the link to understand more of why we’ve set up this partnership with 1800Accountant.

State Filing Fees & Maintenance Costs

Part of your consideration should be the state filing fees, along with the costs to maintain your entity in that state. Once again, select your state from the drop-down menu to read about both of these areas.