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SmallBiz Taxes

Intro to Business Taxes

Do you know:

  • How your business will be taxed?
  • How best to use your smallbiz to take advantage of the current US tax laws?
  • Is it better to have an LLC, a Corporation or Sole Proprietorship

FREE webinar: Introduction to business taxes

(Offered through our new partner 1800 Accountant)
Cost:  FREE
Time:  60 minutes
Here is what you’ll learn

  • New tax law trends
  • How is business taxed
  • What happens if I have a loss/profit
  • How to pay yourself
  • Commonly missed/red flag deductions
  • Bank accounts
  • IRS Bookkeeping requirements
  • How to build your business credit score

Free Tax Consulting Too!

After attending this webinar, you’ll be offered the opportunity to get a free consultation from a tax consultant.
Your gift for attending this webinar.