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What is SmallBiZ Affiliate?

If you provide services to small business owners, consider offering corporate/LLC filing services too:

  • Private label quoting & ordering tool
  • Another revenue source!
  • Cement your relationship with your clients!
  • Provide more services!
  • Ensure your clients form their entities correctly!
  • Be part of the process, when your clients form their entities
  • Offer unique corporate compliance tools
  • Use as marketing tool to GET MORE CLIENTS!

Now Available

Secretary for Affiliates is here!

You can now offer the most comprehensive corporate compliance service available. now offers a white label version of SmallBiZ Secretary and your clients can only get this service through YOU. Now, you can make sure your client’s follow all state formalities and keep their corporation’s compliant.  Best yet, you can create additional revenue while providing a unique service that protects your client’s corporation, with no additional effort.

Do you offer INC or LLC Services online?

Offer incorporation services in ALL 50 states to YOUR clients, on YOUR website. Most of our SmallBiZ Affiliates make on average $300 per each order!  CLICK HERE to learn more Affiliate News

INC/LLC fee increase to affect small businesses.

Coming Soon

Secretary for LLCs

We are currently working on an LLC version of Secretary and plan to launch this in coming weeks. We will launch the SmallBiZ Secretary version first and immediately after this, we will launch a white-label version. Soon you’ll be able to offer Secretary for both corporations and LLCs.

BEST OF ALL, you set the price, ensuring that you’ll be able to make $100 or more every time a client buys and each time they renew.

We will announce a release date to all Affiliates by email. So, be sure you are signed up for our Affiliate program.