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Bestselling Book by Dr. Sonia Gupte Documents True Stories of Medical Healing Using the Power of the Mind



(NEW YORK). Frightening statistics show that over half of Americans suffer from chronic, untreated medical conditions.

According to a Harris Poll conducted before the COVID-19 pandemic, more than 50% of Americans delay or do not get health care because they cannot afford it. And now, with the coronavirus crisis grabbing headlines around the world, people are less likely – and less able – to find medical help for chronic conditions other than COVID-19.

“When it comes to chronic disease, we participate in a system that leaves everyone wanting,” says Dr. Sonia Gupte, author of the bestselling book, Within: Finding Yourself, Fixing What’s Broken, & Finally Reclaiming True Health. “If only we could better manage chronic disease by reducing dependency on medications and diminishing the impact of chronic disease on the body, would pandemics like COVID-19 have a different outcome?”

Dr. Gupte’s secret is not a new drug, but a relatively new modality for unlocking the healing power of the mind: Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy. “I’ve witnessed what seem like miracles using hypnotherapy; but really, it’s just evidence that working with both mind and body simultaneously can achieve results superior to working with the physiology alone,” she says. “This book is my way of sharing that evidence with the world.”

Dr. Gupte’s book, Within, became an instant success on Amazon, achieving number one bestseller status in the Hypnotherapy category and in the Hypnosis Psychology & Counseling category. The book also achieved international bestseller status as a Hot New Release in several markets, ranking in some of the world’s most competitive categories in the United Kingdom, France, India, and Japan. These results were verified by Amazon on January 22, 2021.

In the book, Dr. Gupte documents her quest “from doctor to healer,” taking the reader along on her personal journey through her beginning medical practice, to her discovery of hypnotherapy as a healing modality, to finally hanging up her stethoscope to pursue a different way of healing the body by healing the mind and emotions.

Even more intriguing, Dr. Gupte tells the stories of her many hypnotherapy clients, highlighting unusual and remarkable instances of healing in people with chronic physical conditions who had given up on, or were not helped by, traditional medicine. Initially, Dr. Gupte tried to integrate hypnotherapy into her medical practice, offering it as an alternative to the typical standard of care. Before long, she found that the “alternative” therapy proved more successful than the mainstream approach.

“As a hypnotherapist, I have witnessed transformation of complex physical and psychological issues that I know I would not have resolved as a physician,” Dr. Gupte explains. “I have helped patients with gastritis, GERD, IBS, obesity, smoking addiction, anxiety, depression, phobias, pain, and countless other conditions. I consistently hear client after client tell me, ‘I’ve done so many things to make this problem better. Now I understand why all of those things didn’t work.’”

According to Dr. Cherie-Ann Nathan, director of Head and Neck Surgical Oncology at Feist-Weiller Cancer Center, hypnotherapy can fill a significant void by helping patients overcome physical and emotional hardships. “Dr. Gupte has brought a unique, effective and much-needed resource to our survivorship clinics,” Dr. Nathan says.

“Dr. Gupte’s unique skill in clinical hypnosis makes readers feel that anything is possible!” says Dr. Rupa Mahadevan. “She has already changed the medical profession for the better and she demonstrates through her patients that hypnotherapy is one of the most efficacious modalities ‘modern’ medicine has to offer.”

Dr. Gupte’s vision is to revolutionize the medical system, and she believes her book can create a paradigm shift that triggers a movement. “I’ve written this book for both physicians and patients,” she says. “I know that there is an ever-increasing number of doctors and patients who have become frustrated with the limitations of modern medicine and want to go deeper to find alternatives that have a higher level of success. These cases are meant for those who are bold enough to consider options outside of the traditional paradigm.”

Dr. Sonia Gupte, CHt, is the founder and director of Enso-nia Center for Mind and Life Transformation in San Diego, California, an organization dedicated to revolutionizing the field of human wellness through the integration of hypnotherapy into mainstream healthcare. She received her training from the internationally-renowned Dr. Brian Weiss as well as EKAA Foundation and TASSO Institute Holland.

Within: Finding Yourself, Fixing What’s Broken, & Finally Reclaiming True Health by Dr. Sonia Gupte is available from Amazon. For more information about the book, or to learn about programs and services offered by Dr. Sonia Gupte, visit

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Hollywood Stylist Dina Cerchione Reveals How Real Women Can Look Effortlessly Chic at Any Age on Influencers Radio



On a recent episode of Influencers Radio with Jack Mize, Hollywood stylist Dina Cerchione discussed the secret to her success for making people look great on and off camera for over 25 years. With shows such as America’s Got Talent, Deal or No Deal and Beat Shazam, her styling finesse has refined the look of thousands—celebs and “real people” alike.

Now, Dina works that same magic for others outside the spotlights of Hollywood. She has a definite talent for being able to make even the “fashion challenged” feel like a million bucks without having to spend a million bucks. Her style philosophy is the same for both men and women, saying, “Personal style is more important than fashion. Keep it simple, make it your own, and choose accent pieces wisely.”

During the interview, Dina shared some of the common fears and misconceptions that prevent people from experiencing their full potential when it comes to personal style, saying, “There’s a handful that I see over and over again. One is that they see it on the mannequin, but think, you know, that’s not for me, or that’s not something I can wear. And, you know, if it’s something you like, and it’s something you’re drawn to, then you should absolutely try that… We have all of our own insecurities, and that’s why you’re thinking it’s for somebody else. When I work with a client, if there’s something that you’re drawn to we can look at it. And, if it’s something slinky that maybe doesn’t work for your body type, but you like the color or you like the fabric, there are ways of figuring out what it is you’re drawn to that’s not necessarily the exact thing on the mannequin, but gets you that feeling that’s on the mannequin. Another misconception a lot of people think is that it takes a lot of money to reinvent yourself, which it can if you have a lot of money and you want to spend a lot of money. But there are absolutely ways that you can rework the wardrobe pieces that you have, and then create and build a wardrobe going forward, where you can really be mindful about how you’re doing it…  I do think you should be mindful. I don’t think you should have closets overflowing with stuff you don’t use. I’m a big believer in building on a basic foundation.”

Dina’s passion for style started at an early age when she didn’t look like all the other girls, explaining, “They were all wearing skinny designer jeans and Candies shoes and that simply didn’t work for me and my Italian curves! I wanted a way to stand out and look great so I discovered using clothes in a way that accentuated and worked with my body, not against it.” 

When working with clients, Dina takes her styling cues from the personalities of the people she dresses. Her goal is to always make clients look and feel their best, for whatever THEIR life looks like, not of a life that they don’t lead. She helps them define their own personal style rather than just choose another off-the-rack trend.

To listen to the full interview, visit

To learn more about Dina Cerchione, visit

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Medi-Share Eliminates $2.5 Million in Medical Debt and Launches Mobile Medical Clinic during 1DayLA Outreach



MELBOURNE, Fla. – July 23, 2021—Christian Care Ministry / Medi-Share announced their commitment to provide a mobile medical clinic to serve 2,000 uninsured residents annually through the Lestonnac Free Clinic, a Volunteers in Medicine America clinic. Christian Care Ministry / Medi-Share also relieved $2.5 million in medical debt for area residents with a donation through Missions.Me. 

These efforts are in line with Christian Care Ministry’s National Outreach Strategy, which expands the concept of biblical sharing beyond the Medi-Share medical cost sharing program and into communities across America.  

Christian Care Ministry employees volunteered each day during the 1DayLA event, providing homeless assistance, in free medical and dental clinics, and aid distribution. 

Dave Hess, Director of IT operations for Christian Care Ministry shares, “We live in a great country, yet we have people who are hurting bad, but God filled us, directed us, and protected us and ultimately brought us to so many unbelievable people. This is how we give back to the community and connect with them. God uses people to reach people. That’s how ministry works.”  

Christian Care Ministry leaders joined organization representatives from Volunteers in Medicine and Missions.Me on Thursday, July 22 at the Center of Hope in Lynwood to celebrate their partnerships and shared commitment to changing lives for the underserved in the Los Angeles area through these donations.  Mayor of Inglewood James Butts and Chief of Police Mark Fronterotta were also in attendance. 

CEO of Christian Care Ministry / Medi-Share, Scott Reddig explained, “Our outreach strategy is to build up and empower our Medi-Share medical cost sharing community of members, providers, and employees, to connect with other organizations who are doing their part to be the hands and feet of Christ and, ultimately, fulfill the Great Commission. We are excited about 1DayLA as we serve alongside our national outreach partners during this transformative event and help equip them for future efforts.” 

 Twenty seven million Americans lack basic access to healthcare and by collaborating with these organizations, Medi-Share hopes to see community transformation and lives transformed through personal impact. Through Medi-Share volunteers, doctors, donors and other volunteers, the community effort will continue to have an impact year over year, with more than $700,000 in medical services.  

Ed Gerber, Executive Director/ CEO of Lestonnac Clinic says, “We are very excited to take this 1DayLA event to turn it into something even bigger. I want to change the title to 1stDayLA because this is only the first step to share the love and assist the community for the years to come.” 

 Volunteers in Medicine has been on a mission to build and support a network of free primary health care clinics emphasizing the use of retired and practicing medical and community volunteers since 1994. For more information about Volunteers in Medicine visit:  

Gabe Bahlhorn from 1DayLA shared, “This is an important week for us and Medi-Share has been a huge part of the efforts taking place in the city. There are hundreds of organizations that have joined the movement across America and they have converged on Los Angeles to assist with medical clinics, sports outreach, and beautification. All of this collaborative effort to love a city that so desperately needs it.”  

Since 2004, Missions.Me has successfully hosted thousands of people on life-transforming missions experiences. With the help of events like 1DayLA, Missions.Me has reached over 2,502,389 people.  

 For more information about Missions.Me visit: 



About Christian Care Ministry/ Medi-Share: Christian Care Ministry (CCM), a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) corporation, based in Melbourne, FL, operates the Medi-Share program,  a Christian health care sharing program that provides an affordable alternative to health insurance for faith-based consumers. Founded in 1993, Medi-Share currently serves over 400,000 members across America.  

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Tiwala To Add Billions Of US Dollars To The US Economy Through Organic Farming In Africa



Speaking with Mr. Wisdom King Adukpo, chairman of Tiwala Markt Company LLC, he stated that the COVID-19 pandemic and the looming global recession has led to increased consumer focus on health and wellness products, which may double the projected figures in the international organic food trade.

“The pandemic has driven a consumer shift towards natural and organic foods, and the US must shift its attention towards that market. If proper steps are not taken immediately, other economies will benefit more from the situation. That is why our company will take advantage of the available opportunities we have in Africa, establishing satellite organic farms across the country to feed into the growing organic food demand in the US. According to a recent analysis, Africa has around 600 million hectares of uncultivated arable land, roughly 60% of the global total. As a multinational company, we are registered in Ghana, the host country for the secretariat of the African Continental Free Trade Agreement Area, to tap into several trade benefits that AFCFTA provides for registered members. We are also registered in Togo to be able to liaise with  Francophone Africa. All these unique opportunities allow us to benefit from Africa’s uncultivated arable land. Over the next 10 years, we anticipate adding up to 300 billion US dollars to the US economy through organic food and beverages trading,” he revealed. 

It is estimated that 72.3 million hectares of agricultural land were managed organically by around 3.1 million farmers worldwide. The global sales of organic food and beverages reached more than 200 billion dollars in 2020.

The United States is leading the global organic trade with US$56.5 Billion, representing a 29.56%  share in the global market. This is followed by Germany with US$13 billion, and France with  US$10.8 billion.

From 2018, major markets continued to show double-digit growth rates. French organic market grew more than 15%. Danish and Swiss consumers spent the most on organic food: 312 Euros per capita in 2018. Denmark had the highest organic market share with 11.5% of its total food market.

According to the company, if pragmatic measures are not put in place by US organic trading firms, the country may lose its spot as the #1 market in the organic food and beverage business.

“For example, China as the world’s second-largest economy has initiated strategies to tap into the global organic trade. It is estimated that China will reach a market size of US$86.1 Billion, trailing a CAGR of 13.4% through  2027. Other notable geographic markets include Japan and Canada, each forecasted to grow at 12.5% and 11.9% respectively over 2020-2027. Germany is forecasted to grow at approximately 10.2% CAGR while the rest of the European market will reach US$86.1 Billion by the year 2027. Economies such as India are equally joining the organic trade statistics at a very fast pace,” part of the statement read.  

The company revealed that they are setting up organic out-growers in parts of Africa using USDA-NOP protocols to be able to export across the world under the United States organic certification guidelines. 

“We have engaged the services of a local firm to organize millions of out-growers in Africa to grow under US protocols, and expand the market in the name of the US. Messiah Organics Chain is providing organic inputs, mostly sourced from the US, for our out-growers, as well as organic workshops for our farmers and state players in the agriculture sector. Several large economies are taking undue advantage of the African continent, but as an African living in the United States, my team and I have developed a  two-way trade between US and Africa, which provides a mutual benefit for both economies” he stated.

“Many African farmers have adopted organic farming methods introduced by Tiwala through its local partner Messiah Organics Chain as a result of the health and safety of their families,  consumers, and livestock, as well as recent awareness of climate change effects, which conventional farming methods contribute immensely too.  

As chemical costs have also increased, thousands of conventional farmers have begun to search for ways to decrease costs. This economic situation is motivating more smallholder farmers in Africa to move in the direction of organic farming,” the statement read.

Mr. Wisdom King Adukpo called on investors in the US to take advantage of the several fair-trading opportunities that Tiwala has in Africa to mutually grow both economies.

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