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Cosmopolitan Connector, Annabella Gutman, and Club Annabella Corporation Helps Entrepreneurs, Filmmakers Investors and Celebrities Reach Higher Levels in their Careers



Annabella Gutman’s mission is to improve the  future for people  from all walks of life by utilizing the services offered by Club Annabella Corporation.

It is often said that something magnificent can be found in the most obscure place. Annabella Gutman is a master at finding hidden gems and has found many aspiring entrepreneurs, filmmakers, artists, and non-profit agencies that have proven to be diamonds in the rough. As Founder of Club Annabella Corporation, she is now helping them change the world. Many of these individuals who are eager to share their messages and or gifts simply don’t know how to reach the next level due to either a lack of knowledge of the industry or because they don’t have substantial connections. This means that numerous pieces of art, concepts for ground-breaking films, profound business plans, and ideas for life-changing charitable organizations are going unnoticed and unrealized. 

But with Annabella as the guide, this no longer has to be the case! Widely known as the Cosmopolitan Connector, Annabella has been an entrepreneur herself since the age of 12 and has been mingling with royalty and traveling in influential circles for most of her life. She was born in Israel and is the granddaughter of Holocaust survivors who have been happily married for 74 years. Annabella, the former Miss Los Angeles, Miss United States, and Miss World, and is an Descendant of the Zohar Kabbalah royal family and is no stranger to celebrity circles. Her time in the limelight has encompassed her life, as she has graced the largest runways in the world, has been the face of globally known companies like Mercedes Benz, a consultant for top brands, funded numerous projects for film studios, record companies, and A-list feature films, is currently working to fund various Netflix projects, and has produced a movie with  Clint Eastwood daughter Kimber. All of which have enabled her to develop an impressive network of people on which she has already done business with. 

For those who know Annabella best, they describe her as having a heart for helping others. While forming her company in 2021, she made it her mission to improve the  future for people  from all walks of life by utilizing the services offered by Club Annabella Corporation. Additionally, Annabella, who was the first funder for World Peace One, and also worked with Claes Nobel (Founder of Nobel Peace Prize), and is largely involved in funding non-profit organizations and helping them start their own funds to make a huge positive impact in the world. 

What makes Club Annabella Corporation so unique is the large scale of connections, and investors who are associated with billion-dollar funds, that Annabella is associated with. Her access to individual investors that are in royal families, or a part of remarkably lucrative businesses, is extraordinary. And she would love nothing more than to share all of it with in-need entrepreneurs, non-profits, and individuals seeking just the right gatekeeper.  Annabella has a wide array of services she can offer including but not limited to the following:

1. Film packaging, for Netflix, showtime, HBO, Disney, Cinemax and more…hiring the director, Known actor, & writer Film funding & Studios deals.

2. Helping people find a niche which helps entrepreneurs earning their first million dollars in revenue. 

3. Facilitation of equity investment for deserving deals both personally and through connections. Including Business lines of credit.

4.Giving the best investment opportunities to VCs & Funds and Angel investors.

5. Brand ambassador for global luxury brands. Brand expert strategist including Brand ambassador service (900k following) Helping celebrities to rebrand themselves, brand their name and increase their revenue.

6. Connecting startup brands / entrepreneurs with the celebrity gifting lounge at the Emmys & Oscar awards.

7. Helping nonprofits organizations.

8. Creating amazing opportunities to generate wealth utilizing the future of the luxurious NFT in the world.

9. Developing for you your own AI assistant that can help your Business save time & lots of money.

10. Hosting red carpet events or parties.

11. Various types of private sector loan connections on real estate and business loans for startups and developing businesses from the start up stage to expanding operating businesses including fix and flip loans and construction loans.

12. Available for Fashion shows and Photoshoots campaigns and Modeling for luxury brands.

13. Quick cash loans of up to 25k and credit fixing services.

14. 1 On 1 coaching session and Group coaching sessions via zoom. Coaching entrepreneurs and investors on how to network effectively. And grow their revenue. Teaching how to save money and make a lot of money.

15. Available for work upon request modeling and acting feature films, TV shows, TV commercials and music videos.

16. Public speaking. Public appearances. (Clubs, events, red carpets …)

The channels in which Annabella utilizes to help clients obtain their goals are immense and include the latest social networking audio-only app, Clubhouse, which features voice chat rooms and accommodates groups of thousands. Visionary, Annabella, who is quite familiar with how to obtain luxury, hosts numerous events with a diverse range of motivating and fascinating topics such as Investors, Family Offices, VCs, and  Top Opportunities. This particular online clubhouse meeting instructs investors on growing their money 10-fold and sheds light on unique opportunities. With a fast-growing following and a large number of personal relationships with VIPs, angel investors, innovators, big brands, and influencers, Clubhouse member Club Annabella is the perfect tool for getting started in business and making personal connections that will lead to dreams coming true and goals coming to fruition. 

So how exactly can Annabella help individuals change the world? Start-ups need funding and investors, like record labels, studios, and entities such as Netflix and Paramount Pictures, need viable products, services, and ideas to devote funds to. Annabella is the link, with the established relationships with influencers and investors, the ability to find talent, and the capability bring the two together! Through Club Annabella, she will be seeking credible opportunities to present to the myriad of investors she works with to create profitable scenarios for everyone involved. Annabella’s expertise in developing solid business plans and pitch decks is best-in-class and her desire to empower aspiring entrepreneurs, filmmakers, women, most notably in Africa and India, artists, and individuals seeking to do more with their lives is highly impressive. 

Club Annabella Corporation solves the problem of individuals needing funding for their worthy business and entertainment projects while helping investors obtain solid returns on their investments. Success and luxury are available for all and Club Annabella has the ticket.



Annabella Gutman is widely known as the cosmopolitan connector. She is originally from Israel and currently lives in Los Angeles. Annabella has been the CEO and Founder of Hollywood Funders LLC, Reflection Films Corporations, and most recently founded Club Annabella Corporation. Club Annabella Corporation helps entrepreneurs, brands and filmmakers receive the success they desire through utilizing her extensive connections, resources and knowledge of the industry. Additionally, the Corporation will fund and manage its own humanitarian project to impact climate change and the environment. Annabella is also planning for several lines beginning in 2022 including a fragrance line, skincare line, video game, clothing line and luxury travel experiences. Her mission is to help bring others with her on a journey to enjoying wealth, success and abundance in life, while giving back to the community, ending homelessness and creating world peace.

Media Contact

Company Name: TMSP Agency
Contact Person: Mark Stephen Pooler
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +447930691683
Country: United Kingdom

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Jeremy Keil – CFP®, CFA Retirement-Focused Financial Planner with Keil Financial Partners, Interviewed on Influential Entrepreneurs Podcast.



Jeremy Keil discusses his approach to helping his clients create a consistent retirement income with the Keil Financial Partners’ 5-step retirement income process.

Listen to the interview on the Business Innovators Radio Network   

Jeremy explained that “Retirement can be both the most exciting and scariest time of your life. You’ve spent 35+ years working hard, saving every dollar you could while still providing for your family, and now you’ve arrived at your destination: retirement! But how do you turn 35 years of savings into an income that will last the rest of your life? If you are looking to make your retirement process simple? Searching for answers on when to retire and how much you can live on? We put your retirement picture together in 5 easy steps. If you want to work with a financial advisor who is clear with you about how much you are paying; if you want to work with an advisor who can answer all your questions about retirement planning, social security, Medicare; and if you’d like a transparent discussion about your needs and how much you will pay for sage advice…we can help!”


About  Jeremy Keil

Jeremy loves helping people learn more about themselves and feel more confident about their money.

After graduating from college, Jeremy started selling suits at Jos A. Bank and working on different political campaigns — which probably explains his love for wearing a tie and the joy he gets when saving money for clients through a tax strategy.

One could probably guess this by the number of letters after his name. Still, since he started 17 years ago, Jeremy reads as many books on financial, retirement, and tax planning as he can and loves to apply that knowledge towards helping his clients.

In fact, out of over 10,000 financial advisors in Wisconsin, only six have the unique combination of being a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional AND a Chartered Financial Analyst® charterholder.

While serving as an adjunct professor at Concordia University Wisconsin (Cedarburg), and Wisconsin Lutheran College (Milwaukee), Jeremy learned how to take complex financial topics and explain them in a way that even a caveman ( college student) could understand.

If he could keep college seniors awake during 8 a.m. Friday classes about corporate finance, you can be sure that while working with Jeremy, you’ll know more about, feel better about, and make better decisions about your money.

When not working on his goal to help people discover their ideal retirement strategy, one can find Jeremy hanging out with his wife, Robyn, and two daughters, Emery and Harper at swim, dance, gymnastics, or their church, Lakepoint, in Muskego, Wisconsin.

Learn More-

Keil Financial Partners is a part of Thrivent Advisor Network, LLC (“Thrivent”), a Registered Investment Adviser (“RIA”), located in the State of Minnesota. Thrivent provides investment advisory and related services for clients nationally. Thrivent will maintain all applicable registration and licenses as required by the various states in which Thrivent conducts business, as applicable. Thrivent renders individualized responses to persons in a particular state only after complying with all regulatory requirements, or pursuant to an applicable state exemption or exclusion. Advisory Persons of Thrivent provide advisory services under a practice name or “doing business as” name or may have their own legal business entities. However, advisory services are engaged exclusively through Thrivent Advisor Network, LLC, a registered investment adviser. Keil Financial Partners and Thrivent Advisor Network, LLC are not affiliated companies.

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Landed for Success Inc.- A Global Business Networking Group That Is The “Next Level” Way Of Marketing A Business



Landed for Success Inc. (LFS) is a GLOBAL Elite Business & Branding Networking Group comprised of business professionals who collectively possess a wealth of knowledge and experience within various business sectors. Their unique business model is a next-level way of marketing your business and an environment for aspiring and established entrepreneurs and business owners alike to promote their business and network. LFS is a community that values creating opportunities for personal and professional growth. They encourage their members to promote their business and who they are.

LFS was the brainchild of co-founders Jey Jeyakanthan and Gordon So, both highly experienced entrepreneurs who understand the challenges and work ethic required to run a successful business. Their vision is to build a global platform that will allow business owners, entrepreneurs, authors, coaches, and speakers to not only be able to network and share their business profiles but also their business stories on how they have “Landed for Success.” These stories have the potential to impact millions of people all around the world.

LFS provides a free membership through a Facebook group that has 19.4 thousand members and growing. Additionally, members can subscribe to a private group with exclusive membership benefits. Membership is reviewed and approved to ensure business leaders around the world can optimize professional networking opportunities. This interactive platform is a safe environment to network, build relationships, and collaborate. Integrity matters here!

To learn more about how to become an LFS Lifetime Member and enjoy exclusive networking and learning opportunities inside our private membership area.

LFS has grown an incredible community by having fun navigating within the group of business professionals and growing each and everyone’s network and net wealth through collaboration and connectivity. LFS provides virtual speed networking and training opportunities to aid in personal and business development. Networking events last Thursday of every month from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM EST (Via zoom) where individuals can meet and network with pros and entrepreneurs in local and national markets. The event’s format involves individuals making a 30-second elevator pitch about their business and asking others to think of ways they could work together. These pitches help individuals meet new people, find mentors, and refine their pathway to success. It also provides an opportunity to keep up with the times, as experts pinpoint the latest trends and tools that actually deserve your attention.

LFS also provides a successful authorship program. They believe everyone has a unique story, one which has the ability to uplift and inspire others to succeed. Eighteen co-authors collaborated in volume one of the inaugural book series, “Landed for Success, Untold Stories,” successfully launching in the spring of 2021 as an international bestseller on Amazon.

The LFS book series encourages authorship, as individuals authentically share their stories of struggles, obstacles, and how they have overcome these challenges and have landed for success. In addition, becoming a published author can help to grow and promote more business. It provides an opportunity to gain more credibility, influence, celebrity status and may even attract media attention. Some of the co-authors from volume one were featured in print and television media outlets, podcast interviews, and invited to participate in international business forums.

LFS will be launching volume two, “Landed for Success, Untold Stories- From Burnout to Victory,” in December 2021. It is an honor to have Sir John Shin, the executive producer of the movie “Think and Grow Rich Legacy,” write the foreword in both volumes.

Gordon and  Jey extend this invitation, “If you are interested in becoming a published author and would like to align yourself with successful entrepreneurs such as Sir John Shin and over 20 other successful business owners and entrepreneurs from all around the world, you can set up a 15-minute discovery call with one of our team members by sending an email to [email protected]


GORDON SO is the CEO & Founder of Social Media Currency. Gordon has a strong background in the real estate mortgage industry. As a retired professional network marketer, he has helped many companies successfully launch into Canada, UK, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Mexico. Over the past 10 years, he has worked with authors, speakers, coaches, small business owners, helping them successfully launch new brands and market their products and services. Gordon is a successful business coach and has helped over 200+ individuals become #1 International Best-Selling Authors, Podcasters and Speakers. In addition, he is a sought-after Transformational and Motivational Speaker.

JEY JEYAKANTHAN is a highly successful entrepreneur and IT professional with over 22 years in Business Development, Project Management & Business Transformation for Fortune-200 companies. Jey is a Director of Sophia Hilton Foundation of Canada, Executive Director of Never give up the foundation, Peace, and past Director of Canadian Tamils’ Chamber of Commerce & Member of Markham Board of Trade. Jey founded AVAJ Future Solutions. AVAJ is an Information Technology and Services Company that’s an Innovative, Reliable Partner Global offerings of Software, Mobile App Development, Mobile Responsive Websites, Digital Marketing, Social Media Management, and SEO. Jey is also an international bestselling author, social media influencer and actively involved with Canada’s many volunteer and advocacy organizations.


“Being a part of the Landed For Success (LFS) community has provided me with an excellent opportunity not just to grow my contact base but build meaningful relationships with like-minded entrepreneurs. I have already received an abundance of leads and clients from within the community and am excited to grow as the community continues to grow. I’m excited to be partnering with LFS in the launch of the upcoming book, and the process of working with Gordon and Jey has been a wonderful experience. Gordon and Jey share a deep-rooted passion for growing the LFS community, and their desire to grow LFS is contagious, and I’m excited to be a part of the journey.”
– Jason Hunt, Co-founder, Merged Media

“Landed for Success (LFS) gave me an excellent opportunity to connect with like-minded people and very established business owners. These networking opportunities help our BlueMind and LifePlan Investments grow, develop new ventures, and explore new territories. Compared to many other regular networking clubs, LFS is not expensive, has good value for your money, and provides many opportunities to build your business or professional career. Jey, Gordon, and their team are incredible; they take every step to help you succeed in your journey. I would highly recommend LFS for anyone to grow their professional network.”
-Akil Balachandran, Founder and CEO LifePlan Investments, and BlueMind

“It has been an absolute pleasure knowing and working with Gordon So and Jeyakanthan. They are amazing at building connections and have a contagious positive mindset. They have a lot of experience and are always open to helping anyone and everyone. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking to grow on a professional level.”
-Ayesha SardarCEO, Global South Asian Women (GSAW)

To Attend a Free Landed For Success Speed Networking Event, go to

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Christian Care Ministry/Medi-Share Launches Project K.E.E.P. Keeping Elected Officials Encouraged Through Prayer



Christian Care Ministry/ Medi-Share, the nation’s most trusted name in health care sharing, launched a new prayer initiative for elected officials and their legislative staff. Christian Care Ministry is following its Biblical call to pray and encouraging members to join Project K.E.E.P. It is our privilege to pray for and encourage those who have chosen to serve at the various levels of government. Each day our Medi-Share members and employees are praying for specific elected officials by name.  

This effort was launched in conjunction with our remembrance of the 20th Anniversary of 9/11. This month’s highlighted elected officials are all active or former members of the military serving at the federal level.  

“We are excited to reach out personally to the elected officials and let them know that our members across the country are praying for them and their staff,” said Evelio Silvera, VP of Communications & Government. “It is our heart that they will be encouraged and will know we are thankful for their willingness to serve and will be guided by the very Word and heart of God.” 

National and local decision-makers have a tough job of fighting for the rights of others each day. Christian Care Ministry’s vision is focused on “Transforming society through the Biblical model of sharing.” Praying for those in office is just one way that we can continue to share words of encouragement that will lead to a positive impact in our communities and lighten the burden of our leaders.  

Project K.E.E.P Registration

About Christian Care Ministry/ Medi-Share: Christian Care Ministry (CCM), a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) corporation, based in Melbourne, FL, operates the Medi-Share program,  a Christian health care sharing program that provides an affordable alternative to health insurance for faith-based consumers. Founded in 1993, Medi-Share currently serves more than 380,000 members across America.

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