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“Eric Zuley’s Virtual Gold Carpet Birthday Bash Celebrity Celebration” Saturday, March 20th, 2021



Eric Zuley wants to celebrate everybody’s wins and successes!!

At EzWay, the creation of united perspectives has been a staple of their success. With a keen eye on what new technologies are coming next, eZWay has maintained its position at the forefront of an evolving digital terrene. Eric Zuley’s innovative business strategies have propelled a multitude of CEOs to higher heights! They call him the “Digital Savant!”

Eric Zuley’s implementation of qualified technical programs has impressed many companies’ hierarchy towards targeted breakthrough successes in the global digital marketplace. They all realize that celebrating EZ is celebrating themselves! So, let’s do this!!!

“Eric Zuley’s Virtual Birthday Bash” is on Saturday, March 20th, from 10 am – 2 pm PST.

It will mark the virtual networking experience of a lifetime! So, RSVP: Text Invite to 59925 or visit and join the first big party of the new year.

Hosted by Johnny “V.” Venokur from VH1’s Scott Baio’s 45 and Single and Jessica Winther from Marvel’s Antman and Iron Man 3, this event will launch the eZWay Network & TV into the second quarter of another historic year.

After the eZWay Virtual Gold Carpet, There will be a series of comedy and music performances by Bad Moms actress Eugenia Kuzmina and her comedy team, Maya McClean, who was on tour with Prince for ten years, will be opening the stage, followed by # 1 Billboard artist Viva Doll, Shevyn Roberts, Kenya Lu, clean cannabis comedy by Medicinal Mike and finishing the occasion will be a dedication performance to the late Frank Shankwitz who was the creator of Make A Wish Foundation by Fiz Anthony finished up by our grand finally celebrity performance by Sheldon Reynolds, former lead singer of Earth Wind and Fire.

Celebrity Guests that will be participating at the event include:

  • Kevin Sorbo, Actor, Producer, Director (Hercules)
  • Kate Linder, Actress (The Young and the Restless)
  • Johnny “V” Venokur, Actor (VH1, NETFLIX, Producer, Host)
  • Jessica Winther, Actress (Marvels Iron Man 3, Comedian, Host)
  • Kim Marie Pettid, CEO of Letip International
  • Viva Doll, # 1 Billboard Artist
  • Shevyn Roberts, Recording Artist, Actress, Dancer
  • Eugenia Kazemina, Supermodel, Comedian, Actress (Bad Moms)
  • Dev Ross, Emmy Award-winning Writer (Little Mermaid, Land Before Time II)
  • Bill Walsh, Speaker (Founder of Powerteam International)
  • Omar Periu, Speaker, Best Selling Author (One of the founders of La Fitness)
  • Alec Stern, Speaker, “America’s Startup Success Expert” (Co-founder of Constant Contact)
  • Jeffrey Levine, Executive Television Producer (JLSTV), Speaker, and Tax Attorney
  • Tony Boldi, Actor, Producer, Host
  • Tony Tarantino, Film Maker (Father to Quinton Tarantino, Film Maker)
  • Loral Langemeier, Speaker (Millionaire Maker)
  • Reatha Grey, Host of Radio Boomers Live (Betty Whites Off Their Rockers)
  • James Zuley, Host of Radio Boomers Live (Father to Eric Zuley)
  • Maya McClean, Singer, Song Writer, Actress (Dancer on Prince Tour)
  • Kenya Lu, Recording Artist
  • Medicinal Mike, Standup Comedian (Host of NugLife Radio)
  • Dr. Dante Sears, Healer, Entrepreneur (Founder with WEALTHXO)
  • Dr. Lydie, Legal Attorney, and Coach (“Law Expert of Wallstreet” and Host of the Money, Law and You Show)
  • Eric Stoller, Founder of Les Brown Institute (Executive Producer, Champion TV)
  • Brian Willis, Founder Billionaires Elite VIP (Executive Producer BETV)
  • Ro Brooks, Actor (Own’s The Haves and the Have Nots)
  • Patrick Faucette, Actor (The Haves and the Have Nots)
  • Shane Sparks, Celebrity Dance Choreographer
  • Andy McPhee, Actor (Sons of Anarchy and WentWorth)
  • Esau Mcknight, Actor, Stuntman (Blade, Green Hornet, Iron Man 2)
  • Shea Vaughn, Speaker (Mother to actor Vince Vaughn)
  • Sean Riggs, (Lazarus, Tubi/Fox)
  • Trae Ireland, (Netflix, Amazon)
  • Keith Mitchell, Former NFL Star turned Yogi
  • Jeff Spenard, CEO of Voice America (EZ TALK LIVE podcast)
  • Sean Kanan, (Karate Kid III)
  • Jason Spann, (Xspannsion Show)
  • Gerald L. Kane, (Business And Benefits Show host)
  • Dannella Burnett, (Speakers Need To Speak Show)
  • Eric Stoller, Executive Producer Champion TV, (Founder Les Brown Institute)
  • Tiffany Bell, Executive Producer (Unstoppable Courage TV Channel)
  • Daniella Platt, Terance Coffee (Looking Good Show)
  • Matt J Doyle, eZWay Network IMDB Director, Executive Producer (Host of Tap)
  • Pattie Sadler, Founder (New Life Clarity Publishing)
  • Dr. Stephanie, (Dr. MONEY Live Show)
  • Dr. Jeffrey Benton, Executive Producer (Houdini of Healing)
  • Leila Colgan, Executive Producer (Level up with Leila Show)
  • Tina D. Lewis, Speaker, Coach, (Bottom Line Strategist)
  • Billy Moore, Founder ABC Youth Foundation, (Son of Legendary Boxer Archie Moore)
  • Steve Sughrim “The Dominanaire” Speaker, Entrepreneur

Team eZWay consist of Tom Chesser (Authority PR), Michelle Finnegan Nixon (V Carpet, Producer), Piper Nicolein (AP), Angelique Marie (Event Director), Ian C. Glover (Ap), Saskia Van Buren (AP), Gouchti Abdeljabar (Web) Dr. Dante Sears (C00) Tina Ramsay (eZWay Wall Of Famer Trainer)

Eric Zuley has been balancing the complexities of neoteric methodologies with the virtual necessities dominating a new era changing the world.

At EzWay, their inexhaustible quest to support positive causes which aid humanity is never-ending, and the conjoining of like-minded individuals for positive results will remain a primary focus. So, let the party begin!

This event will showcase a series of shows on the eZWay Network, reaching up to 30 and counting! As well as new TV networks and channels. Distribution through SimulTV to 60,000,000 homes

Be sure and download the eZWay Family App to join the fun!

The eZWay Family App is a marketing and promotions tool for our eZWay Family community. This app helps members get promoted through their network and audience and keep up with their live broadcasts. Features of the eZWay Family App include Tips and posts, Live Broadcast, eZWay Wall of Fame members, business affiliates promotion, Journal/Magazine, Courses, yes we can help promote and sell members courses and services, Push to notifications (Always stay up to date on what happening the eZWay) this means members phones will be pinged when there is an eZWay opportunity that arrives or and update.
TV shows, direct access to eZWay Wall of Fame, and more!

This event is brought to everybody by KTA INTERACTIVE, AUTOMATE YOU, Xenesta, WEALTHXO, GLOVERZONE DL PICTURES, BRAINTAP, DominionHeir, the EZWAY WALL OF FAME, and Rise Up Media & Marketing.

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Two Flames Burning In Japan Call For One Unified World



The Hiroshima Peace Flame burns in harmony with the Olympic flame as we approach the 76th anniversary of the first atomic bomb which fell on humankind.  On August 6th, 2021, at 8:15 a.m. in Japan (4:15 p.m. PDT in the USA) the Peace Bell in the Hiroshima Peace Park will ring for one moment of silence in honor of the lives lost not only in Hiroshima but in all wars.

As the Olympic Flame burns, we are reminded that its peaceful spirit lives in all of us and future generations depend on us to engage calmly with each other. And now there are two Flames burning in Japan calling forth the same fervent wish for one unified world.   One is for the Olympic games, and one is for the memory of the consequences of war.

In fact, this theme of peace is part of this year’s Olympics focusing on educating Children. A short, animated film “Tomorrow’s Leaves” was released to coincide with the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan which focused on this same aspiration. Commissioned by the Olympic Foundation for Culture and Heritage (OFCH) and produced by the Academy Award-nominated Yoshiaki Nishimura of Studio Ponoc, the animated film provides a fresh perspective on the Olympic values of excellence, friendship, and respect.

As the world watches the international games, we are reminded that the Olympic spirit lives in all of us. According to the International Olympic Committee, the goal of the Olympic Movement is to contribute to building a peaceful and better world by educating youth through sport practiced without discrimination of any kind and in the Olympic spirit, which requires mutual understanding with a spirit of friendship, solidarity, and fair play. This is visible in the official Olympic Rings of five interconnected colored rings logo, which symbolizes the vision of one unified world living in harmony.

Fumi Johns Stewart, Executive Director of May Peace Prevail on Earth International, a not-for-profit organization associated with the Department of Public Information at the United Nations states, “The universal message of peace, May Peace Prevail On Earth, was born in Japan after the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  It has touched the hearts of millions of people the world over.  It represents not only the hearts of the people of Japan but of our human family looking for global unity, justice, sustainability and peace.” This Universal Message for World Peace, May Peace Prevail On Earth (MPPOE), was authored in 1955 by the late Masahisa Goi of Japan. In a moment of great inspiration, Masahisa Goi awakened to the need to spread this message in the hearts of the global community for the attainment of inner and outer peace.

To honor and add momentum to a future of Peaceful interactions, Fumi Johns Stewart is urging that the Olympics committee consider participating in the Hiroshima and Nagasaki 76 Global Synchronized Meditation at the exact atomic moment with a minute of silence to hear the ringing of the Peace Bell in the Hiroshima Peace Park in Japan. The Timing of The Exact Atomic Moment – Ringing of the Peace Bell is Japan August 6th 8:15 am/ USA August 5th 4:15 pm Pacific.

Combining the Ringing of the Peace Bell with the 2020 Olympics is more than a symbolic measure. It would help focus humanity as we rebuild our society to hold the value of May Peace Prevail On Earth for all. The attached video contain the voices of children from around the world calling for peace to prevail on earth.  


They are offered herein for public use as a call for global peace, as we honor the spirit of the Olympics at this time. They serve as an invitation for all to take a moment to join a worldwide quest for peace on this day of somber observance.

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International Bestselling Author Karen Oeser Releases New Book “Energized by Joy”



International bestselling author, Karen Oeser’s latest book, “HerStory: Energized by Joy” will be available for purchase on on August 2, 2021.

In this book, Oeser shares her story of how she overcame years of abuse, multiple traumas, and several near-death experiences to become a joyful worship dancer and blessing finder. She also shares her platform with nine other brave warriors who share how they turned trials into triumph.”

In response to publishing her recent book, Oeser stated, “I make it my quest to find a blessing in any situation, regardless of how insurmountable and painful it might appear. I am thrilled to share my personal story with other women who have experienced trauma and are ready to start living again.”

Energized by Joy is a must-read for those seeking inspirational, enlightening, uplifting personal stories and experiences of issues that are affecting women – socially, economically, and environmentally.

About Karen Oeser – Author, Dancer, Coach, and Speaker

International bestselling author Karen Oeser is the founder of “Energized by Joy,” a faith-based brand that helps women celebrate everything life has to offer. She bravely pulls from her trials big and small through heartfelt devotions, dances, coaching sessions, and workshops to demonstrate that anyone can find inner joy and their unique purpose to serve others. As a John Maxwell Team Certified Speaker, Karen is a frequent podcast guest and conference speaker.

“Financial Literacy for Her” is Karen’s other baby. The coaching program is specifically designed to help women overcome their fear of money and empower them to build generational wealth.

In her capacity as a pastor and Licensed Minister of Dance, Karen works with families who have loved ones struggling with drug addiction, mental illness, and incarceration. In her free time, she loves spending time with her teenage sons, being outdoors, traveling, and volunteering at her church in Greenville, South Carolina.

To learn more about Karen:


Email: [email protected]

Facebook/Instagram: @energizedbyjoy

“HerStory: Energized by Joy” by Karen Oeser is now available on at or directly at

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“Living Faith Out Loud” Virtual Conference With Keynote Speaker Dr. Lydie And Numerous Internationally Renowned Faith Leaders, Speakers, and Authors On Aug. 6-8, 2021



Hear From Experts Like – DR. LYDIE LOUIS, PH.D. ES.Q,

The world’s most sought-after Business Legal Authority featured in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, USA Today & The New York Law Journal for her work to protect, monetize and empower Small Businesses and Investors.

Dr. Lydie is the Monetize You TV Channel owner, The Host of two shows; MONETIZE YOU and LADIES FIRST! She is also the Host of World-Class Leaders Radio, where she shares her insights and inspirations for today’s fast-paced global marketplace as we pursue our business and personal goals.

Dr. Lydie’s new TV shows, Monetize You and Ladies First, will launch on JD3TV on Wednesday, September 1st at 8 P.M. and 8:30 PM, respectively. Dr. James Dentley is CEO of JD3 Media and Inspired2Speak and is Dr. Lydie’s inspiration for launching her expertise across the media waves. Learn more about the impact that Dr. James is creating globally to provide the entrepreneur community with access to a worldwide media platform at

Dr. Lydie is currently the Chairman of In Pursuit Media & Co., a company that works with corporations, universities, and government agencies to teach best practices in the regulatory and compliance industries. In addition, she teaches how to build a culture of collective leadership resilience to organizations and business owners worldwide. She is also the CEO of Entrepreneur Legal Studios, a company that works with small business owners to provide access to legal know-how, to monetize and protect their original ideas, books, speeches, and systems. In addition, Dr. Lydie is the creator of The Ultimate Intellectual Property Mastery Retreat and The Ultimate Monetization Legal Cash Flow System.

Dr. Lydie is also Co-CEO of Money, Law & You Method with Dame Doria (DC) Cordova, who owns Excellerated Business Schools and Money & You.  Dr. Lydie shares her legal know-how related to making money, creating revenue, and monetizing your business assets. To learn more about Dr. Lydie’s joint venture with Dame Doria and their upcoming event on September 14, 15, and 16th in San Diego, go to

Dr. Lydie gives access to knowledge that has taken her two decades of working on Wall Street as an advisor, a financial regulator, an NYC law and business professor, and United Nations Country Trainer to empower people to build successful and sellable businesses to create inter-generational wealth, and leave the wealth that they create for their loved ones.

Dr. Lydie’s real-life academic know-how resonates with everyone from the C-Suite to middle management to business owners to women to celebrities. Providing access to proven powerful legal techniques to create a global impact that reverberates worldwide.

She was invited to present a TEDx Talk in London on “U.S. Corporations Were Created to Do Public Good, What Went Wrong?” Dr. Lydie has a B.A. from Columbia University, a Master’s in Finance from New York University, a J.D. from Fordham University, and a Ph.D. from the University of Barcelona.

Corporate executives hire Dr. Lydie to train employees to be more legally mindful in their employment transactions and coach key personnel. The United Nations hires Dr. Lydie to train entrepreneurs across the globe on the intellectual property laws that impact their businesses. Dr. Lydie has spoken at business, law, and tax conferences in over 100 countries.

Dr. Lydie teaches audience members how to apply her successful monetization methods to a wide range of businesses today. She shares winning tips for negotiating and particularly negotiating for women by women, boosting sales, improving employee morale, increasing productivity, and optimizing staff talents.

A few years ago, Dr. Lydie transformed her own professional career path to becoming CEO of one of the world’s fastest-growing business and personal wealth development training companies. She credits much of her success principles to being an emergency room volunteer medical intern at Coney Island Hospital in Brooklyn, New York when she was in high school. As a result, she has found the type of leadership, resilience, and specialized skills performance mastery that was required to assist in handling life-threatening medical emergencies from heart attacks to severe burns and gunshot wounds equally applies to businesses that want a competitive advantage to not only survive but to go beyond survival to thrive!

As an ivy league certified business motivational speaker and coach, Dr. Lydie’s riches to rags to riches success story of hunger, shame, sacrifice, hard work, strangers’ kindness, and perseverance will inspire any audience. Much more than a legal business coach, she shares her proprietary “Morena” blend of gratitude, intentionality, and champion mindset, which will empower audience members to make positive pivots in their lives for immediate and long-term success. Dr. Lydie, America’s Leading Business Legal Authority, will reveal how you can create a legacy of wealth for your loved ones.

Dr. Lydie’s keynotes, corporate workshops, retreats, business legal coaching, combined with her “Lessons from the Emergency Room,” provide practical business strategies, personal development insights, and a unique delivery style to create a high-energy and impactful learning environment.

To learn more about DR. LYDIE LOUIS, PH.D. ESQ. or reserve a time to speak with her directly about your business or personal goals; Text MONETIZE to 59925 or go to Dr. Lydie’s academic publications and free VIP business resources are available to be downloaded on her website.

Grab your FREE seat for the faith event of the year. Three days of inspiration, coaching, and worship. Register now:

Hosted and presented by Dorothy Wilson – Founder of Live Your Faith Out Loud Conference. Best-selling editor and author; speaker; CEO of GCW Media and Gulf Coast Woman and DWilson & Associates Publishing & Marketing; and managing partner of CWR Digital Gulf Coast. Gulf Coast Woman magazine is a successful publication that reaches an estimated 64,500 in print monthly and more than 113,000 online.

Dorothy says, “She is overwhelmed with gratitude as she sees how God has lined up top faith speakers, authors, and transformational business coaches to empower and develop those attending the Living Faith Out Loud Conference, a virtual experience Aug. 6-8. “I mean we’re talking Lisa Bevere, she has 1 million fans; Dr. Gary Chapman, five years on the New York Times best-seller list; Chrystal Evans Hurst, Dr. Tony Evans’ daughter; Cora Jakes Coleman, Bishop T.D. Jakes’ daughter, Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith, Dr. Cheryl Wood, one of my mentors. This will be an epic event!”

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