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Scam Alert – Florida Center of Corporations

A Florida company is currently attempting to deceive unsuspecting small business owners who have just formed a new corporation or LLC in Florida and receive money by pretending to be the Secretary of State of Florida. “Florida Center of Corporations” is sending letters to newly formed Florida INC’s & LLC’s indicating “You have one step left to receive your Florida Certificate of Status”, they are instructed to complete their filing by filling out a stub and to “mail back to the corporations center with your payment of $54.47 (some recent mailings have said $47.99) to complete your articles of organization certificate.”

The filing described was already completed and “Florida Center of Corporations” is not affiliated with the Secretary of State of Florida.

Why is this a Scam?

We are calling this a scam because the only service Florida Corporations Center is providing is to obtain a Certificate of Status (or good standing) from the Secretary of State of Florida. The state only charges either $8.75 (for an INC) or $5 (for an LLC) for this. provides the service of obtaining certificates like the Certficate of Status for $10 (plus the state fee). If an INC or LLC owner truly wanted a certificate of status, then FL Corporations Center is providing a service, albeit a pretty expensive one at 5 to 10 times the actual cost. However, we label this a Scam because the correspondence is made deceptively like it is coming from a government agency. This is wrong and small business owners should avoid doing business with any company that operates in this manner.

So, just who is Florida Center of Corporations?

The Florida Center of Corporations is a fictitious name filed only in April by Thomas Fred, via his company L Seven Development LLC. The Better Business Bureau doesn’t think too highly of them as they are rated the worst grade of “F”.

Florida Center of Corporations

Current Address: 5810 N Monroe St., Suite 210a Tallahassee, FL 32303
(This is NOT a physical business address; it is a mail drop address operated by Goin’ Postal. It is the most recent address we have, reported to us on 11/9/13)
Former Address: 4650 SW 51 Street Suite 702, Fort Lauderdale Florida 33314
(See picture above)

BBB Rating: F (see here)
Entity Type: Fictitious Name
Filed: 02/01/2013
Registration Number: G13000011400
Document Number: L10000111034

Document Number: L10000111034
Phone: (954) 237-5152
Fax: (954) 237-6651

BBB: Not Accredited: 6 complaints as of March 28th, 2013 (see here)
Owner: FRED, THOMAS HJR (Managing Member)
Address: 1221 STIRLING RD., UNIT 120, DANIA BEACH, FL 33004