Free Small Biz Planning Software

The SBA announced that it will make free business planning software available at its counseling centers to small biz owners.

Atlas Business Solutions, Inc., of Fargo, N.D. designed the business-planning application, it calls, ?Ultimate Business Planner.? The software guides the entrepreneur step-by-step to create a business plan that can be presented to lenders, venture capitalists or managers.

?A good business plan is the heart and soul of every successful small business,? Hector V. Barreto, SBA administrator said in a recent press release. ?Therefore the SBA is committed to making available the tools to guide small businesses at start-up and sustain their growth.?

1000 CD-Rom copies of the software, valued at $100,000 has been donated and will be available at workstations at Small Business Development Centers, Women Business Centers, Business Information Centers, and Tribal Business Information Centers around the country. For the location nearest you, go to or call 1 (800) U ASK SBA.

SBA officials remind small biz owners that even at locations where Ultimate Business Planner is unavailable, other small business planning software and wide variety of reference and research materials are available. Many of these sites also offer free counseling and free or low-cost training courses and workshops for small biz owners on topics such as business planning, marketing and sales, product exp

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