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Amend Your Articles

How and when do you amend your own articles of incorporation (for an INC) or articles of organization (for an LLC)?  Let’s answer the question most have of “What does it mean to amend your articles?”

01 What is Amend Your Articles?

Articles refers to the document(s) used to form your new INC or LLC. Once filed, they create your entity and become the public record of that state. However, not everything is set in stone. You can change anything that is filed in the articles, usually by filing articles of amendment.

02 To Amend or Not To Amend ?

Luckily not everything in your articles of incorporation/organization need to be amended to be changed. Below is a list of items in your articles that can typically be changed without an amendment filing:

* Registered Agent Name & Address
* Member/Managers Names & Addresses (for LLCs)
* Directors Names & Addresses (for INCs)
* Company Address (Physical or Mailing)

03 When to Amend?

An amendment to your articles is designed to make big changes to the corporation’s or LLC’s charter. They include:

* Changing the name
* Changing the Authorized Shares or Par Value (INC’s)

04 Other Changes Possible

So what happens if you want to make other changes to your Corporation or LLC, is it possible? This is entirely dependent on which formation state your INC or LLC is formed in. Some states allow you to merge with another entity, convert to a different type of entity (i.e. INC or LLC), domesticate in another state (i.e. move your charter from one state or another), and more.