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How to Change Your Login

Why this is important

If you any of your original login info has changed, you can update your login very quickly and easily. This is most important if your email address has changed. Even if you don’t have an active company or subscription with, you should keep your email address current here. If we have any updates that may specifically concern your future or current business, the only way we can tell you is by email (even if you follow us by one of our social media channels.

Don’t email changes

Although we appreciate your communications by email, if you request an update to your email address, address, phone, etc., we will point you towards the “Edit Your Profile screen.

Step I – Edit Your Profile
Click on the “Edit Your Profile” link in Member Options folder

Step II – Make changes
Now make changes

Step III – Submit
Once you have made the changes to your profile, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the “Submit” button to make your changes live.


Pending New Order – If you have submitted a new order for services, and you have changed your address, you must also notify us separately about this change (i.e. Send us a message through the Message Tracker section of the order).

Registered Agent Subscribers – If you have a registered agent subscription, you must also update your Forwarding address. To do this, go to and make your changes there, or send us a message through the Company Tracker area.