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How to Update Your Address

Editing your address on is very simple, but what address you wish to update will determine your next steps.

01 Changes – Edit Your Profile

Any changes to your record with is done through “Edit Your Profile”

NOTE: These Changes are ONLY for updating your record BEFORE PLACING A NEW ORDER, and do not update your address for an existing order or for your registered agent or Secretary addresses (see below for instructions on this).

New Order Address Changes
Click on the “Edit Your Profile” link in Member Options folder

Change My Address
Now make changes to either or both your Contact Address (My Address) or your New Order Shipping Address.

Click Submit
Once you have made the changes to your profile, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the “Submit” button to make your changes live.

02 Existing Order Address Changes

If you already have a pending order and you wish to make a change to your shipping address (for that existing order), then you need to contact us immediately. Do that through either your order’s Order Tracking area (click on your order and then send us a message through Message Tracker) or using our Contact Us form (please referrence the order #).

03 SmallBiZ Agents Changes –

If you wish to make changes to your Forwarding address for your Registered Agent services account or Mail Forwarding Account, you can do this online by going to