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Legal, Law Enforcement, And Venue Operators Call On Bart Whitaker For Solutions After The Houston, TX Astroworld Fest Tragedy



Bart Whitaker has received numerous calls and media interviews asking for his help in identifying what could have been done or what needs to be done to stop this kind of tragedy from happening.

Eight people aged 14 to 27 were killed, and dozens were injured at the Astroworld Fest – Houston, TX – NRG Park on Friday night after a large crowd of fans began pushing toward the front of the stage during a performance by the hometown rapper Travis Scott. It appeared to be one of the deadliest crowd-control disasters at a concert in the United States in many years. Now prominent local official is asking for separate, independent reviews of the tragedy from experts in crowd safety.

Bart Whitaker Is highly recognized and recommended as A Success Strategist & Expert Witness Professional by some of America’s biggest events & venues, including major public venues, organizations, startups & reorganization/projects. For years Bart Whitaker’s “Expert Witness Expertise” has helped over 30 legal firms win lawsuits beginning with his first case with Johnny Cochran in 2000 through successful cases in 2021; he is still undefeated.

Whitaker is not a stranger in knowing what it takes to manage significant venues and events. Likewise, understanding what can go wrong. As an “Expert Witness” professional, his expertise has helped win several high-profile cases, including:

  • Attorney Johnny Cochran hired him in 2000 as one of 4 expert witnesses in the successful lawsuit involving the Venue and Events Industry.
  • Edward Jones Dome – Personal Injury/Standard Operating Procedures.
  • NY Yankees – Personal Injury/Event Set-Up.
  • Durham Bulls – Crowd Management SOP.
  • Saturn/GM – Event Set-Up.
  • Darlington Raceway – Event Set-Up.
  • University Of South Carolina – Security/Crowd Management.
  • San Diego Chargers – CA Fire Insurance Claim Dispute.
  • Philadelphia Eagles– Business SOP’s.
  • Omaha Royals/Rosenblatt Stadium– Facility Set-Up.
  • Yigo, Guam, Amusement Park – Security/Felony Assault/Crowd Management.
  • New Orleans Pelicans – Personal Injury.
  • Ringling Brothers Circus – Performers Injuries/Equipment Rigging.
  • Smoothie King Center – Construction/Engineer Complaint & NBA Game Incident.

Whitaker has received international acclaim for his ability to handle large projects as a Venue Manager for two renowned stadiums, the Superdome & The Georgia Dome. For Bart Whitaker, it all started 40 years ago this December at the Superdome, where he managed the Rolling Stones to a crowd of 87,500, still a world record for an indoor concert. That led to the first Final 4 ever held in a domed stadium, the NCAA Final 4, March 1982 at the Superdome. The success of that tourney led to the NCAA only hosting the March Madness in a domed stadium.

 In 1986, Bart hosted the Super Bowl XX, featuring Jim McMahan and the Chicago Bears. This event was the first major event in the US to plan for possible Terrorism. President Ronald Reagan bombed Libya/Kadafi, and he threatened to retaliate. Whitaker led that first joint security meeting with over 15 security agencies in attendance.

 Here is a list of some of those successful accomplishments as an expert in Venue Management, Event Management, Crowd Management, Startups/Re-Organizations.

  • He coordinated the largest indoor concert ever held in the United States, at the Louisiana Superdome, during the 1981 Rolling Stones Concert, which attracted 87,500 people. In an article for Leisure Facility Magazine, Bart Whitakers described the planning and coordination of activities before and during the Rolling Stones Superdome performance.
  • He coordinated facility operations for the 1982 NCAA Basketball Final Four held at The Superdome, including preparations for the four teams, NCAA, CBS TV, and over 500 media. The 62,000 people attending this event comprised a record crowd for a basketball game in the United States. First-ever Final 4 to be held in a Domed Stadium.
  • He consulted with the Carolina Panthers and Cleveland Browns (NFL) for their stadium startups.
  • He successfully directed the fourth consecutive facility project from startup or reorganization through an efficient operational phase (Georgia Dome).
  • He directed a dynamic facility-restructuring project at The Bayfront Center, which involved a transformation of City Management to Private Management and overseeing a $100 million renovation and development of the initial foundation and sponsorships for event series.
  • He was contracted to create and manage an incentive travel event of the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney, Australia. This 3-million-dollar event consisted of 4 separate waves of 60 people. Charter flights, private hotels, ticket/event selection, Food and beverage/ meals, ground transportation, amenity packages, and trip coordination/direction were all part of this successful event. The productive partnership with the US Virgin Islands allowed us to be an Official Olympic Entity of the Olympic Games.
  • As Event Producer and Director, he created and developed “Lefty’s” Golf Classic, a profitable celebrity golf tournament for Georgia State University Men’s Basketball Head Coach, Coach “Lefty” Driesell.
  • He created and implemented a marketing strategy for Georgia State University Men’s Basketball Program. Since inception, season ticket sales increased 500%, efforts produced $300,000 worth of advertising and marketing coverage, and corporate sponsorships collected $300,000 (cash and value-in-kind).
  • Bart directed the organization and logistics of Delta Air Lines Classic for Kids (basketball tournament held at the Georgia Dome); Also was named Executive Director for the event.
  • He designed and fulfilled box holder sales and catering programs for the Atlanta Steeplechase. This is the first time that this private, not-for-profit organization has hired an outside marketing consultant to assist with their marketing and management.
  • Whitaker directed all startup activities at the $400 million Georgia Dome, the world’s largest cable-supported dome stadium. Leading staff through the first season of events, which exceeded all expectations.
  • Directed and supervised event operations for Super Bowl XX at The Louisiana Superdome and Super Bowl XXVII at the Georgia Dome.
  • Designed stadium standard operating procedures for the New Orleans Breakers (USFL) administrative staff for their introductory season at the Superdome in 1984; conducted instructional meetings and acted as liaison between The Superdome’s and the Breaker’s staff.
  • He directed management reorganization for Macon, Georgia’s Public Assembly. Venues, leading to the only two years of operating profits in its 20-year history. Developed RFP for the renovation of the 20-year-old Macon Coliseum, construction of the convention center, and complex renaming.
  • He organized venue operations of the 48th-52nd editions of the Sugar Bowl.
  • Directed internal operations for the New Orleans Saints home football games and the Atlanta Falcons home football games.

Along with handling Event Management/Marketing, Sales & Sponsorships for the Delta Air Lines Holiday Basketball Classic (GA/GA Tech); the Atlanta Steeplechase, The Norfolk State University Group Ticket Sales for Pace Motorsports/Supercross, Numerous Super Bowls. Sugar Bowl Parade and Gala, NCAA Final 4 Merchandising, The PGA Championships & The PGA Tour Championships including the “Lefty’s” Golf Classic. Official Beer Vendor for the Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games. Numerous Atlanta Centennial Olympics Corporate Hospitality Programs, The 2000 Sydney Olympics for Boileau of America,

To learn more about Bart Whitaker’s expertise in Venue Management, Event Management, Crowd Management, Startups/Re-Organization, and Expert Witnessing, or to read his complete Biography, go to

Whitaker does not seem to be slowing down any time soon and is always open for more opportunities to help by encouraging them to call him at 504-217-0072 or email [email protected]

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Mortgage Lender Ron Pippin Reveals Mortgage Myths and Truths for First-Time Home Buyers on Influencers Radio



Mortgage Lender Ron Pippin was the featured guest on Influencers Radio with Jack Mize.

Buying a house can be a stressful and confusing process – especially for a first time home buyer who is trying to understand the down payment, credit, and income requirements to qualify for a mortgage.

On a recent episode of Influencers Radio with Jack Mize, Mortgage Lender Ron Pippin discussed the common myths, misconceptions, and financing mistakes facing first-time home buyers.

During the interview, Pippin revealed one of the most common misconceptions about home financing that make qualified buyers feel homeownership is out of their reach, saying, “A lot of people think that you need 20% down or more to buy a home. And in today’s environment, that’s really tough to come up with 20% on a home. It’s a significant amount, and a lot of people just don’t have that. There are programs that allow people to buy a home with much less. In fact, sometimes with zero down allows them to become a homeowner …There are specific government programs … if you’re a veteran, a VA home loan requires no money down. If you live in a rural area, there’s a USDA program that requires no money down. But then what’s less known are some of the government grants and down payment assistance programs that are available and also require very little or no money down.  Many states have a first-time buyer program that they couple the downpayment assistance with a regular mortgage that covers the entire downpayment, and sometimes even the closing costs. So, you’re bringing in very little or no money down. Especially if the sellers are willing to pay some closing costs, then you literally can get in with no money down. Downpayment assistance differs from grant programs that are available as well. They can vary depending on the state, county, and even cities. And some cities and counties have grant programs available anywhere from a couple thousand dollars on up to thirty or forty thousand dollars that can help people get into a home based on their income, where they live, or where they’re going to live. And so it really is, takes away that barrier of buying a home with 20% down which allows people to get in very quickly, and not have to put off the home buying process.”

Since 1995, Ron Pippin has been helping first-time buyers get the right financing for the house that their family will call HOME.

Ron is the Branch Manager and Team Leader for The Pippin Team at Cardinal Financial in Ogden, Utah.  He has been listed in the top 3% of mortgage originators nationwide.  But more importantly, he’s been an Educator and Advocate for the thousands of families he’s helped navigate the home financing process. 

To listen to the full interview, visit

To learn more about Ron Pippin and The Pippin Team, visit

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Todd Isberner, Author of “What Every Man Needs to Know: How to Master Faith, Family, Fitness, and Finance,” Interviewed on Influential Entrepreneurs Podcast.



As a result of his life-altering conversion, author Todd Isberner dedicated his life to telling others about Jesus and helping them walk out their faith. With a Master of Divinity degree and a media background, Todd founded ShareMedia, a fundraising consulting company devoted to helping improve and expand the ministry of Christian radio.

Now retired from fundraising, Todd draws from his years of experience in training, consulting, and coaching, applying these overarching principles to mentoring men. He now invests his time helping men with their faith, family, fitness, and finances, so they can live out their purpose and fulfill their role as provider, protector, and leader.

In the podcast interview, Todd points out the correlations between Faith. Family. Fitness. Finances. Learning to master these four crucial areas of life helps men become happier and more successful!

Readers of Isberner’s book will learn how to:

  • Deepen FAITH by connecting with their Creator, which is the key to discovering our real purpose.
  • Discover new ways of making FAMILY relationships which is the key to giving and receiving love, respect, and fulfillment.
  • Overcome the obstacles that prevent them from maximizing FITNESS and achieving their best health ever.
  • Conquer money problems and gain the freedom from managing their FINANCES with confidence and purpose.

John Koch, CEO of, said about the book, “Don’t just read it, wrestle with it, write it down, and take action on ONE thing. What area do you need to face some hard truths and make a real change?” 

For a more in-depth look, get Todd Isberner’s new book “What Every Man Needs to Know: How to Master Faith, Family, Fitness and Finance” on Amazon  



 About Todd Isberner:

Todd Isberner is a husband, father, business owner, and author of “What Every Man Needs to Know.”

As a result of his own life-altering conversion, Todd invested over 40 years learning to master the cornerstones of a man’s life: faith, family, fitness, and finances. His success is based on discovering the deeper meanings and impact each one of these has in life. A former business owner, professional media consultant and coach, today Todd invests his time mentoring other men along their journey to success.

Learn More about Todd’s Group Coaching Program based on the book at

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The Access To Cash Course Created By Dame Doria (DC) Cordova Teaches What Leverage Really Means As A Part Of The Access To Cash Series



Since the book “Access To Cash” was such a huge success, Cordova created the “Access To Cash Course” so that entrepreneurs can continue their knowledge and understanding of how to apply these principles, helping to grow their businesses even more.

Since the book “Access To Cash” was such a huge success, Cordova created the “Access To Cash Course” so that entrepreneurs can continue their knowledge and understanding of how to apply these principles, helping to grow their businesses even more.

Doria understands that in order to grow a business, Business Owners MUST LEARN LEVERAGE. In the easy-to-follow Course, entrepreneurs will learn how to structure their morning to be more productive and more income-generating.

Discover the Direct Ways to Access Cash as well as the Indirect Ways to Attract Wealth in this Course.

Learn how to separate the activities most people are doing that generate CASH (“now-money-now”). Finally, learn the ultimate lesson in leveraging money: how to move a business forward by applying the tools, techniques, and systems taught and see a tremendous improvement in a business’s profits and productivity. The teachings of spending more time on income-generating activities and leverage alone will make a huge difference.

Many entrepreneurs have already heard of the famous graduates of the Money & You program and other Excellerated programs owned by Doria Cordova. Still, they may not have known of the “power behind the power.” Because Doria Cordova is already successful, her financial success is not dependent on the sales of this Course. Plus, she has provided the training in a way that it is financially feasible for anybody to host online – and most importantly, her organization is even more passionate about the world having more wealthy servant leaders than just having higher profit margins.

That is why the Access to Cash Course was created for any entrepreneur, business owner (big or small), run a foundation / non-profit, a student getting ready to decide on a future, or an employee that is looking at the possibility of building their own business, this Course will support them in seeing what it takes to go through a business success model, that has been used for over 40 years by millions around the world to create profitable businesses which add value to humanity. Cordova wanted to make sure this Course is presented in an informal, simple, and conversational style. Doria Cordova emphasized, “Be sure not to let these tools’ simplicity fool you into believing that they are just for building small businesses only – empires have been built based on these teachings. Once people learn the “patterns of thinking,” they will start seeing them everywhere.”

Every entrepreneur that takes this Course can expect to get profitable / productivity systems, tools, distinctions, and information that Doria Cordova has learned and applied in building her organizations for the past four decades, which have expanded worldwide and have produced nearly 200,000 graduates from over 85 countries.

In addition, if they use these systems/tools in their organization (for-profit or non-), they will experience profitable growth, productivity, collaboration, and well-running teams, which result in peace of mind.

Though the Course contents are designed for entrepreneurs, business owners to increase their profits and productivity, in their experience, when employees attend their programs, they become very valuable employees. They have created profit-sharing opportunities with the business owners for whom they work. Plus, it gives employment-minded individuals a sense of what it takes to create an entrepreneurial (or non-profit) organization and can have a clearer and easier choice if they want to move forward into business for themselves.

This is a stand-alone program. Nobody will be required to purchase additional programs/products/services from them. However, Doria does recommend specific tools provided by some of the experts, masters who teach at her Global Excellerated Business School for Entrepreneurs – and everybody can succeed with the information/models shared in the Course. Providing “Continuous improvement” is part of the DNA of successful entrepreneurs; thus, everybody will want to continue educating themselves.

Although industries and economies change or evolve, some principles, systems, and distinctions will always stand the test of time. The materials provide examples and case studies that are just as relevant today as they were 100 years ago – and can be applied in many different countries, markets, and industries.

All those who take the Course will have access to the Access to Cash Facebook community members. They will also be invited to other Excellerated Facebook groups where they can interact with others who have taken the Course – have read the book – have done Excellerated programs. They will be part of their thriving global network of entrepreneurs who can support everybody with answers to business questions that may arise from applying the principles. The Excellerated network is very supportive. They will find that being part of this community might have everything they need to succeed!

Start today by taking the Online Course Access to Cash for US$247 at

Dame Doria Cordova CEO/Owner, Excellerated Business Schools / Money & You always looks forward to getting to know everybody and interacting with them in one of her global online events where everyone can meet many of the successful Social Entrepreneurs that are part of their global network.

Along with Online Course Access to Cash Course, Entrepreneurs can take the Leverage – Access to Cash Course for only US$67.00. In this easy-to-follow Online Course, they will learn distinctions for leveraging their time, money, resources, networks… their energy! Here is where Doria shares the distinctions to be more productive, which will support them in staying focused on more income-generating activities, learning how to separate the activities they are doing that generate CASH / REVENUES and focus on them. Finally, people will learn the ultimate lesson in LEVERAGE: to move their business past themselves.

To continue growing and leveraging a business, allowing it to reach its full potential, go to

Here is what Doria is saying about what typically happens when entrepreneurs adopt her proven system of leverage, “It gives additional resources for understanding what leverage really means in Life, Wealth, and Business how to stop the busy work and learn how to create and focus on income-generating activities. Learn how to build the systems that will enable a business to work without you when put into place. Learn the ultimate way to create a lifestyle where a business is actually run by someone else!”

The “Understand LEVERAGE Curriculum” includes these invaluable lessons:

Lesson 1: “Leverage Introduction”

Lesson 2: “Creating Income Generating Activities”

Lesson 3: “Creating Systems Which Work Without You”

Lesson 4: “Create a Purpose, Mission, Rules of the Game”

Lesson 5: “Rewarding Your Supportive People With Profit Sharing”

Lesson 6: “Nurture Your Next In Line”

Lesson 7: “Congratulations: Here Is What’s Next”

To learn more about the incredible journey that Doria has taken to get to where she is today, go to, then go to to order a copy of Access to Cash and get a bonus gift.

“The book Access To Cash By Dame Doria (DC) Cordova Became A Best-Seller On Amazon In Less Than 12 Hours, Topping The Charts In 10 Categories And Still Counting.“

Here is the link to the article in Business Innovators Magazine.

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