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Dan Brooks, Founder of Xexis Private Wealth, Tops Amazon Best-Seller Lists with New Book “The Truth About the Financial Industry’s Profit-First Agenda.”

Dan Brooks, Founder of Xexis Private Wealth, Tops Amazon Best-Seller Lists with New Book “The Truth About the Financial Industry’s Profit-First Agenda.”

Published on July 10, 2024

Brooks’s new book hit best-seller lists on and ranked in the Kindle categories:

  • # 1 Best Seller Budgeting
  • # 1 Best Seller Financial Risk Management
  • # 2 Best Seller Financial Services
  • # 1 Hot New Release Business and Money Short Reads
  • # 1 Hot New Release Finance

Dan explained: In a world where more time is spent planning vacations than securing financial futures, the importance of meticulous retirement planning cannot be understated. Dive into the transformative journey outlined in this book, where the gift of quality planning paves the way for a future filled with financial prosperity and peace of mind. In my new book, you will discover the invaluable insights of a seasoned guide who navigates the complex landscape of retirement planning with expertise and precision. Whether your financial situation seems straightforward or intricate, the necessity of professional guidance resonates throughout these pages. Learn why attempting to piece together crucial decisions alone can lead to irreversible mistakes that jeopardize your retirement. Unveil the power of the E.A.S.E. Planning™ process, a methodical approach designed to educate, analyze, strategize, and ultimately enable you to enjoy the fruits of your labor with tranquility and confidence. Embrace the journey of understanding, analyzing, and refining your retirement plan at a pace that suits your unique circumstances, ensuring a robust and sustainable financial future that stands the test of time. Take control of your financial destiny today and embrace the E.A.S.E. Planning™ process to usher in a retirement defined by security, prosperity, and lasting peace of mind. Your future self will thank you for the prudent decisions you made today. The Truth About the Financial Industry’s Profit-First Agenda ” was created for you!”

 Dan Brooks’s Book ” The Truth About the Financial Industry’s Profit-First Agenda – Using the E.A.S.E. FINANCIAL PLANNING™ Process to Simplify YOUR Retirement Dreams” can be purchased on Amazon

About Dan Brooks
 Dan entered the U.S. Navy’s Nuclear Power program after high school, and upon discharge, he purchased the family business, which he operated for seven years. After his father’s death, he discovered his father lost a small fortune due to bad advice from a stock broker. Dan decided to enter financial services to find out how this could happen, and help others avoid it.

In 2004, he completed the Certified Financial Planner coursework and, in 2005 opened a Registered Investment Advisor firm. He owns both a Financial Advisor firm and a tax firm based in Lake Mary, Florida. Dan works with a Registered Investment Advisor firm that manages over $1 billion dollars and is one of the fastest-growing firms in the nation.

Dan’s specialty is comprehensive retirement planning, including income planning, tax mitigation, catastrophic health care planning, Medicare, Estate Planning, and Generational Wealth.

On a personal level, his proudest accomplishment was being a single father to his daughter, who is a Police Officer. He enjoys golf, hiking, traveling, cooking, and discovering new restaurants.

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