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FAQs – SmallBiz Partner Program

01 What is the SmallBiz Partner Program?

The SmallBiz Partner Program will make LLC filing, Incorporation, and the filing process for annual corporate compliance simple. This program can be used by Bookkeepers, Accountants, and CPA’s as well as Business and Tax Professionals, Enrolled Agents, Lawyers, and QB Pro-advisers, in all of the 50 states!

You can offer your clients the following:

  • – Annual Filings & Compliance Services
  • – Registered Agent Services
  • – Business Licenses & Permits
  • – Incorporation & LLC Filings

By partnering with us you will get discounted wholesale pricing when you are a white label Reseller. Or you can be a Referral partner and receive a referral fee of up to 30% on every sale when you refer your clients to us.

02 By partnering with SmallBiz, what kinds of services can I offer my clients?

Here are the services that you can offer clients when you partner with SmallBiz:

  • LLC Filings and Incorporation
  • Business Licenses and Permits
  • Doing Business As Business Names
  • Filings for Foreign Qualification
  • Initial and Annual Report Filings
  • Modifications, Amendments and Name Changes
  • Name Checks and Reservations
  • Good Standing Certificates
  • Withdrawals and Dissolutions
  • Conversions and Reinstatements
  • IRS Forms and Filings (Tax ID Form SS-4)
  • Tax Elections as S Corp (Form 2553/8832)
  • SUI Filings and Sales Tax Registrations
  • Registered Agent Services
  • Corporate Supplies and Kits
  • Annual Meeting Minutes, Bylaws and Resolutions
  • Compliance Services and Annual Filings in all states

03 Please explain the SmallBiz Reseller Program

You will be able to add great value to each client relationship as a trusted advisor. SmallBiz reseller program partners can provide LLC filings, incorporations, and compliance services for corporations to clients throughout the fifty states. While you provide tax advice, SmallBiz will do the preparation and filing, following your instructions and preferences. SmallBiz help includes a dedicated account manager and private label services that are always reliable, timely, personalized and accurate. As your silent partner SmallBiz will not contact your clients, ever. The reseller program will be your brand and your clients while we do the legwork.

04 Tell me about the SmallBiz Referral Program

When you are a referral program partner you will have a trusted resource to refer your clients to for incorporation, registered agent services, annual corporate compliance plus monitoring, and LLC filings in any and all of the fifty states. All you do is refer your client and receive a check. Alternatively, you can skip the payment and pass a discount directly to your client. You will have 24/7 account manager access to someone who will treat your clients well and send them back to you when the work is done.

05 Who can join the SmallBiz Partner Program?

Bookkeepers, accountants, CPAs, business coaches, any legal and tax professional, and anyone who represents clients who require filings for business formation and compliance services throughout the fifty states can join this program.

06 What is the Fee for joining the SmallBiz Partner Program?

You do not pay any fee when you join the SmallBiz partner program. No yearly fees, no setup fees, no fees at all when you join either the Referral Program or the SmallBiz Reseller program. Sign up for free and use our services to help your clients and profit as well.

07 Does being a SmallBiz Partner Program partner make us eligible for discounted pricing?

When you join the Reseller program you will receive a discount rate of twenty to thirty percent according to work volume. Referral partners can get a discounted rate of up to thirty percent. In both cases, you can choose to pass on savings to your client instead of receiving your fee.

08 Where can I see what your rates are?

Simply look on the SmallBiz website for retail rates. You will receive information about wholesale rates once you sign up and complete the process.

09 How do you determine wholesale pricing?

The level of volume determines wholesale pricing rates. New resellers get a twenty percent discount and that will go up to thirty percent as your volume goes up. All white label resellers are eligible for discounted rates.

10 What is your SmallBiz Reseller program fee?

There is no fee required to become a Reseller in the SmallBiz partner program. You always get wholesale pricing for products and services that can go as high as thirty percent from prices published on our site. Many of our clients have all branding removed from our documents and communications so that that you can use your own logo and brand. For no fee you can provide annual corporate monitoring and compliance services, LLC filings, and incorporation to your clients under your brand and your name.

11 Is it possible to be a partner and an affiliate?

No. You need to choose one program or the other, You cannot be both an affiliate and a partner.

When we join your program can it be as a referral partner as well as a reseller?

When we join your program can it be as a referral partner as well as a reseller?

The SmallBiz partner program is very flexible and allows you to join as a referral partner and a reseller. This is designed to support your advisory services in the most effective manner. Whichever is the best route for you, we are agreeable.

12 Does eligibility for your program require maintaining a certain level of monthly sales?

No. We have no minimum requirements for joining or maintaining your membership. We are always here to help you help your clients with LLC filings, business incorporation, and compliance services for corporations when you need the help.

13 When I am a SmallBiz Reseller will you be contacting my clients?

At SmallBiz we work hard to help you succeed. We give you a dedicated manager for your account, private label services, and are always fast, reliable, and accurate. We are always a silent partner that does the work in the background and we never contact your clients. They are always your brand, name, and clients.

14 When I am a Referral Program Partner will clients be working directly with you and will I still be “in the loop?”

Yes, you will always be in the loop as we provide your Referral Program Partner clients with unequaled customer service. You will always be copied on all correspondence and will be kept up to date at every step of the process.

15 When I am SmallBiz Reseller can I set my own charges when reselling your services?

Yes, you may. You are always in charge of the fees that you bill to your clients for any services that are done through SmallBiz no matter what our charge is to you.

16 Do you have insurance for omissions and errors?

At SmallBiz we carry the top levels of omission and error insurance. We pride ourselves in giving the most transparent and open information in regard to our work in corporate compliance and business formation filing.

17 Are the team attorneys at SmallBiz?

SmallBiz has attorneys on staff who review all filings and forms to ensure accuracy, clarity, and transparency for clients in every state. But, SmallBiz does not provide legal services now financial advice. We are a document filing service

18 As a financial advisor or CPA, shouldn’t it be the correct legal practice to advise and offer compliance filing services and business incorporation to clients?

Although a CPA or financial advisor is in the most favorable position to advise clients as to the best entity for structuring their business this advice is generally based on the tax consequences of the choice. It has little to do with the practice of law.

19 I commonly advise my clients to use a lawyer for incorporation and compliance processes in business. How will SmallBiz differ and will it simplify these processes for clients?

Your clients do not need an attorney to file the documents that SmallBiz files. Thus, using our services and avoiding high legal fees is generally appreciated by anyone starting a new business and dealing with the paperwork. In fact, because this is our line of work, we typically do it faster, better, and cheaper than an attorney would.

20 What are the benefits of using your services when my clients or I can do the job ourselves through the website of the Secretary of State?

The reason for having us do the filings that you need instead of doing them yourself is to get the job done correctly, on time, and without problems. You can do it yourself but may end up resubmitting several times in order to fix errors. You may also waste valuable time that you need for other aspects of your own business.

21 I am already doing business with a competitor of yours. How do you differ and why should I change over?

There are, in fact, other businesses that do what we do. But, we stand alone in offering exceptional customer service, accurate and timely submission of needed paperwork, and great discounts for extra client volume. Because we always provide a 24/7 dedicated account manager you will never have problems contacting us to deal with any issue. This combination of personalized and exceptional service sets us apart and is why we are your best choice.

22 I do not have a lot of clients who require this service. How does working with you help me?

First of all, if you don’t use our services you don’t pay anything and don’t lose anything. Second, using our service is a great way to bring more clients into your business. You will be able to provide services for which a client might go elsewhere and never return. And, you will create a healthy income stream for very little labor. Clients who you refer to us will return to you, pleased with our services, and pleased with the fact that you referred them.

23 I don’t like dealing with these services in-house so why not tell clients to look online?

The risk of sending one of your clients away to get these services is that they will not come back. When you use the services of SmallBiz your clients will be well served and happy with your referral. And, they will come back to you. Meantime, you will earn a fee for your referral!