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Annual Report Filing Service

File your corporation or LLC’s annual report in any state

Annual Report Filing Service

Every year, or every other year, your INC or LLC must file an annual report, updating the state’s record with information such as: business address, mailing address, registered agent name & address, the people in authority, and their addresses, etc.
If your INC or LLC does not file it’s SmallBiZ Filing Service for Annual Reports

  • Review your request
  • Prepare your Annual Report – Making sure it will be acceptable to the state
  • File with the state – Using the state’s best method for filing your annual report
  • Follow up – We follow up with the state if your filing takes longer than normal
  • Review Approved Report – We make sure your documents were recorded by the state correctly.
  • Digital Documents – Your approved annual report is immediately available to you for download.
  • Originals Forwarded – Your originals are forwarded to you via your chosen shipping method along with a What’s Next checklist, so you will know the next steps you should take with your new entity.

SmallBiZ Filing Service for Annual Reports

$25 Annual Report Filing Assistance – We provide our assistance to prepare your Annual Report so that you only have review, sign, and submit to the state with the state’s fees.
$35 Electronic filing of your Annual Report – We will file electronically if your state provides for this. We will also collect the state fees prior to submitting your filing.
$50 Paper filing of your Annual Report – If the only option is to file a paper Annual Report. Overdue and owe penalties

Even if your entity is late, in default or even administratively dissolved, we can help.  We’ll find out exactly what you need to do to reinstate your entity and/or bring it back to good standing with the state, even if you don’t have us file your annual report. What are your state’s requirements & fees?

To find out what your state’s annual filing requirements are, CLICK HERE and select your state.