Corporate Forms on CD
  • Bylaws
  • Amendments to Articles
  • Annual & Initial Meetings
  • Resolutions for Compensation
  • Resolutions for Dividends
  • Resolutions for Employee Benefits
  • And many more

When big decisions are made by a company’s stock holders or board members, a company must record these decisions in its minutes. Also, as a separate entity, almost every action of your corporation requires a statement from the corporation (bylaws and/or resolutions) giving it permission to conduct each action. At the same time, this documentation must be done consistently and in a timely fashion to ensure the corporation maintains an active status (See Three Simple Steps to an “Active” Corporate Status). If these actions aren’t taken, your corporation can be put into jeopardy! This could cost you your company and even your personal assets!

This is why we created the Corporate Forms on CD. In it, we?ve included some of the most important forms (over 50 forms) on a CD. Just fill in the blanks and print!

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