What do you get with SmallBiZ Foreign Authority Service?
This is generally an assistance level service, that is we assist you with the prepration of the forms so that you can file them yourself:
  • Prepare the foreign authority form(s)
  • Obtain required certificates*
  • Provide simple instructions for review
  • Provide mailer to the foreign state agency

We send to you all forms & certificates, ready to file.   Simply review, sign, attach a check for the state fees, and send in the mailer we provide to your foreign state. (For only $75)

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A corporation or LLC requests “Foreign Authority” or the Authority to Do Business in a state, when it (the INC or LLC) has a physical presence in that state, in addition to its formation state (or country).  To obtain foreign authority, the entity must file an authority form to the “foreign” state, usually a certificate of status and/or certified copy of the filing documents from the formation state or country.

For example, if your corporation was formed in Wyoming and it is now operating in and has physical presence in California, you corporation would need to file for foreign authority in California. Along with an application, the corporation would need to submit $100 and a certificate of good standing from Wyoming, showing that the corporation was currently in good standing. Upon filing in the foreign state, the corporation could then legally operate within the laws of California, but would then be subject to taxation in California for all income generated there.

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