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Mail Forwarding Service

To provide added convenience for our registered agent subscribers, provides mail forwarding service for your corporation or LLC in some states.

01 How To Use It

With mail forwarding, your entity can use our registered office address as its business address for the following:

  • Receipt of any regular business mail, such as:
  • Bank statements
  • Business letters
  • Tax returns

Use of our registered office address on business filings

02 Not Acceptable

We will NOT accept mail listing any other name other than your entity’s name: No personal names and only one entity per account. This service is NOT a delivery address and we will not accept and forward packages, or magazines. The ONLY deliveries accepted are those to SmallBiZ Agents, LLC, as your entity’s registered agent.

03 How Mail is Processed

Mail received at our local registered office address will first be forwarded to our headquarters in Arizona before being sorted and re-forwarded to your entity. Your entity’s mail is forwarded daily. On the day your mail is forwarded, we will send you an email notification. Most mail will take 2 to 4 days from date received at our local address before it is re-forwarded to your entity at the address you provided for forwarding.

04 The Cost

The charge for mail forwarding is $125 for the first twelve months, with a $50 credit towards postage charges. All fees are non-refundable. Postage charges are for the direct cost of forwarding mail from us to you, via regular US 1st Class mail, unless you specify otherwise. When your postage balance falls below $20, we will email you a reminder for an additional postage deposit. After the first twelve months, the fee to continue service is presently $75 per year. Again, all postage deposits & service fees are non-refundable.

05 Service Limitations

Not High Volume – This service is not meant to be a virtual office and therefore is not available for high volume mail receiving and forwarding, or more than 5 pieces per week. If you expect to have more mail than this, you are encouraged to find another service.

Not All States – We are currently providing this service in a few states (including: AZ, DE, FL, & WY). If you wish this service for another state, contact us directly to see if this is available.

06 How to Order

To order this service online, go to and click on the Quick Quote button or CLICK HERE. Then choose either Other INC Products & Services (If your Corporation is ordering) or Other LLC Products & Services (If your LLC is ordering) and select your state. From the list of services, choose “Mail Forwarding”. If you do not see the service listed, and we offer it in one of the states you know we provide, choose “Unlisted Product or Service”: Type in “Mail Forwarding” and “125” for the price. Your entity must have registered agent service. If it does not, you must also order registered agent service at the same time as mail forwarding.

Call us toll-free 800-457-8878 if you have additional questions.