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Registered Agent

Companies Registered Agents

A Registered Agent is a person or company is authorized to and agrees to act as the key contact for Corporation or LLC in the formation state.
All states require that your INC or LLC have a registered agent.  In most states, this means that your registered agent must be:

  • A resident of the state or domestic Corp.
  • Have a physical business address in that state
  • Open during normal business hours
  • Be available for service of process (lawsuit service)
  • Commercial Registered Agent (depends on state)

Self Registered Agents

You can act as your Corporation’s or LLC’s own registered agent, if you fulfill the above requirements. However, you may want to hire a third party to act as your registered agent.
Instead consider using a full service professional registered agent:

  • Home/Office businesses – Your physical home address isn’t listed
  • Moving locations – Don’t quite have a physical address
  • Formed in one state & operate in another – Such as a WY, DE, or NV Corp.
  • You want ongoing assistance for your INC’s or LLC’s filings

Get a Full Service Registered Agent at a very low cost!

There are bargain rate services available, but then you often get what you pay for. Consider getting the best service for a great price.

SmallBiZ Agent Service includes:

01 Commercial Registered Agent

We represent thousands of companies in every state. One state or all states, for over a decade

02 Next Day Service

If your company is sued, service of process documentation is turned around immediately so that you will receive by FedEx all documents 2 business days later.

03 Messaging

You are notified through our online messaging system that your company has received documents or mail

04 Scanned Docs

Any mail/documents/service of process are scanned and immediately available to you onlin

05 Access to

Forms library
State Research Center

  • When are annual filings due?
  • Download up-to-date annual forms

State Change Forms (updated daily)

  • Address Change
  • Name Change
  • Agent Change
  • Address Change

Company Documents access

  • Your Filing Docs (if we filed your company)
  • Scanned filings (If we do additional filings)
  • Scanned mail, service of process, etc.
  • Update contact information quickly easily
  • View all messaging & document history
  • FAQ, Help screens, & more

06 Superior Customer Service

Although we cannot provide legal or accounting advice, our customer service staff can assist you at any time in the following areas:

  • Filling changes & assistance – This is where we excel. We submit thousands of filings each year (in every state)
  • Information – Ask us & we can probably steer you in the right direction