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SmallBiZ Secretary for LLC’s

Here is what it will do:

When launched, SmallBiZ Secretary for LLC’s will be the most complete and comprehensive LLC compliance program available!

  • Create an Operating Agreement in a few minutes after answering a few questions. Not a template.
  • Make changes to your Operating Agreement, quickly and easily, at any time: add or remove a partner, change contributions, change officers, etc.
  • Be reminded when each required Action is due.
  • Quickly and easily file your annual filing requirements with your state (NOTE: Secretary will not take care of tax filings, only annual reports and their equivalent, but Secretary will remind you of when they are due).
  • Access to up to thousands of up-to-date general business forms, compliance forms, and state filing forms.
  • Access to research not available to the public.
  • Much more.

Pre-Launch Discounts

Before we publically launch SmallBiZ Secretary for LLC’s, we will make a beta version available to all who are interested for 50% off. You’ll not only get first look at this great tool, but you’ll be able to help shape the services it will provide. To get your hands on SmallBiZ Secretary for LLC’s before the public, you must be a member of If you have ordered from before, you are already a member. If you have not signed up, go ahead and click on the “Become a Member” link in the top right hand side of the Member Options folder. It’s free!