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SmallBiZ Secretary Service for Corporations

SmallBiZ Secretary? Launched to Help Small Business Corporations, a leading incorporation company, announced the launch of SmallBiZ Secretary for Corporations, a new tool assisting small & medium corporations with all initial and ongoing compliance actions necessary to keep a corporation compliant. A SmallBiZ survey of one year old corporations found more than 8 out of every 10 corporations were not compliant. ?And those 8 don?t even know it,? said Michael Banner, President.

For $99 per year, SmallBiZ Secretary monitors and notifies subscribers, by email, of each upcoming ?compliance event?; helps finish each event quickly & easily; and even completes most required paperwork. ?You only need to check off each event when you?re done,? said Mr. Banner.

Every corporation, with few exceptions, must take care of initial and ongoing compliance actions: hold an organizational meeting, elect officers, adopt bylaws, issue stock, hold annual meetings, document all major actions in writing, complete annual state filings, and more. ?If your corporation does not do all of these things, in a timely manner, it is not compliant,? explains Mr. Banner. ?If a corporation is not compliant, its owners are personally responsible for all the corporation?s liabilities and taxes.?

Unique features, such as SmallBiZ Secretary?s Compliance Monitor informs each subscriber whether their corporation is ?Compliant? or ?Not Compliant?. When a corporation is ?Not Compliant?, an email warning is sent to the subscriber, providing the steps needed to bring the corporation back into compliance. In effect, it is watching 24/7 to make sure a subscriber?s corporation stays compliant.

Sign up for SmallBiZ Secretary is fast. After answering a few questions about the corporation?s formation date, who?s in charge, etc., SmallBiZ Secretary generates a list of ?Initial Actions? to be done and completes any corresponding forms, so they are ready to be printed and signed. ?Even corporations that have been non-compliant for years can catch up in minutes rather than in the many hours it would take to do this without SmallBiZ Secretary,? Mr. Banner said.

When subscribers login to, they will see their corporation?s compliance status, a calendar of upcoming compliance events, and all incomplete actions yet to be taken. Subscribers also have access to a history of all completed actions, a current printable listing of stock holders, as well as use of thousands of state, federal, and general business forms.

SmallBiZ Secretary for Corporations is now offered online ( and for a short time, it will be available for the first year introductory price of only $75. Inc., based in Tucson Arizona, is a provider of corporation & limited liability company filing services for businesses nationwide. Besides forming thousands of corporations & LLCs each year in every state and DC, also provides registered agent services, products such as corporate kits, and other state filings. For more information, please visit or

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