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The Importance of Technological Innovations in Your Company’s Workspace



Over the last decade, technology has become an integral part of every 21st-century workplace. The situation has become so critical that any kind of business is more likely to fail without some level of technological knowledge. If you’re intimidated by software, hardware, and everything tech innovations have to offer, you will probably look for excuses why to stay the same, but let’s be honest, if you want to succeed, you can’t. 

Technology and its innovations are a crucial part of every organization that wants to run smoothly and efficiently. Let’s take a look at why it is so important for your company to embrace technology and keep up with the latest innovations. 


The most obvious reason why technology is so important is that it allows your employees to be more efficient and productive. Simply, it makes everything faster. Employees can do tons of work seamlessly if their computers are perfectly synchronized with top-notch software. Furthermore, whatever your product or service may be, you will need to compete. All your competitors already use the latest technology, so you need to as well.  


Technology has brought us a whole new level of communication like never before. We can connect with any of our employees, managers, co-workers anytime, anywhere. New communication technology allows workers to communicate and collaborate fast, making them more efficient and productive. 

Team coordination has never been better. Using online communication tools, employees can work more closely even if they’re working remotely. Collaboration is also much simpler, as colleagues can have meetings even when they are not at the same place. Teams can hold remote meetings using video conferencing software and work on the same shared documents with cloud-based software. Companies can also use workplace management tools such as Slack or Basecamp to keep track of their team’s progress on projects. 


The security of your company’s sensitive information can be severely compromised without the implementation of high-level software security standards. A company should always invest in the latest innovative technology to prevent data breaches. In the past, stealing sensitive information was easy for hackers, however today, with the use of top-notch security software it has become almost impossible. So, investing in security is a top priority, and if you’re currently low on resources you can always apply for a loan from companies such as Saldo, who offer loans up to 50 000 € for the needs of your company. 

Technology Can Boost Creativity

different creativity posters

In recent times, technology has been a key player in boosting employee creativity. It has the power to help workers think outside the box and develop innovations in their line of work. For instance, social media is widely used today as a marketing tool in most businesses. They are known to help generate interactions between employees and potential customers. Furthermore, companies use brainstorming platforms where they can interact and transmit information to help teams ideate and collaborate online. 

Technology has also become a key player in recruiting and hiring and the internet has made this job much easier for managers. Companies can make their job openings public much faster, and recruits and replacements can be done when needed.

Cost Management

Profitability is the main goal of every company on the globe. With the help of innovative software companies are become fiscally healthy like never before. Yes, we are talking about SaaS tools in the workplace. Through SaaS tools, we can kill the manual treatment of an assignment via mechanizing at every possible opportunity and zeroing in on the incorporation of various undertakings. Moreover, robotized measures have shown much better outcomes, and help keep each record with its date and time referenced.

Customization Options

Innovation has made it conceivable to redo any product as per the variable business needs. Organizations are currently utilizing such programming to deal with their everyday activities. One such programming that is getting well known in the cutting edge working environment is facility management software.

Regardless of whether huge or little, every business working environment has its particular manner of getting things done for accomplishing its objectives. For that, they need a sort of innovative help that suits their way of working, and facility management software can offer this type of assistance.

Customer Service

Innovation is an important apparatus for all organizations. It engages you to improve client support and fulfillment. Furthermore, there are diverse online media stages that you can use for client support and showcasing, similar to Twitter, Facebook, etc. You can too utilize programming choices for videos and chats. Innovation makes it conceivable to keep in contact with your crowd and keep a cordial and amicable presence.


In this day and age, technology plays a crucial role in the growth of your business. Today, most clients search for products online and so you must have an online presence. Remember, brand visibility, greater communication, and all the things we mentioned here are impossible without the right technology in place. 

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10 WordPress security best practices you need to implement — right now 



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Lock it down

WordPress is a powerful web application and is used by up to 43% of the internet, to date. But with great popularity comes great threats. With numbers like these, many would-be attackers are constantly on the lookout for weaknesses in your site — a good reason to implement these WordPress security best practices, right now.

WordPress security best practices

Sans the usual best practices — like keeping your core files, theme(s) and plugins up to date — there are also many other factors to take into consideration. File and directory permissions, and more are necessary to keep safe that which you’ve worked hard on and treasure.

1. Update file permissions

The default file permissions for all files on a WordPress site are typically set to 644. The default directory permissions are set at 755. There are scenarios that warrant differences.

For instance, it is a good idea to have your wp-config.php file set to permissions stronger than 644.

I know of folks who set that file’s permissions to 440. This helps make it harder for the riff raff to access the file. Some people set theirs to 600. That’s fine too.

You can change the file and directory’s permissions via File Manager, in your hosting plan. You can also alter these permissions in your favorite FTP program.

2. Disable the xmlrpc.php File

What is this file? Well, simply put, the XMLRPC is a system that allows for remote updates to WordPress from other applications. To make sure your site stays secure, it’s a good idea to disable xmlrpc.php completely.

However, if you need some of the functions necessary for remote publishing and the Jetpack plugin (for instance), you should use a workaround plugin that allows for these features while still fixing all the security gaps.

One plugin that comes to mind is called Disable XML-RPC. This plugin uses the built-in WordPress filter xmlrpc_enabled to simply disable the XML-RPC API on a WordPress site. This renders it unobtainable by someone looking to compromise your site.

Another plugin that comes to mind is the Disable XML-RPC Pingback plugin, which lets you disable just the pingback functionality. This means that you will still have access to other features of XML-RPC if you need happen to need them — for instance, if you’re running Jetpack. There are other plugins that will also disable this file. See below for more details on that plugin.

Both plugins are easy to use. You just have to install and activate them. They do the rest for you.

In the event that you want to have more control over how the XMLRPC plugin works, you can instead install the REST XML-RPC Data Checker plugin. Once installed and activated, you would just need to go to Settings > REST XML-RPC Data Checker, and then click the XML-RPC tab.

Once there, you will be able to navigate through the interface to better control the xmlrpc.php file and what it does.

If you already have a ton of plugins and want to avoid installing yet another, you can control the xmlrpc.php file via the .htaccess file by adding this line to it:

add_filter( ‘xmlrpc_enabled’, ‘__return_false’ );

That will just turn it off altogether.

You can also edit the .htaccess file with this command:

<Files xmlrpc.php>

Order Allow, Deny

Deny from all


Or have your hosting provider disable the file itself.

3. Hide your sensitive details

Once you’ve got your site all dialed in and live, hide certain details from the public eye that might lure someone towards wanting to compromise all your arduous work. A nice plugin for this is called Hide My WP Ghost. This plugin is a paid plugin, but it’s worth the coin, and it’s on sale now for a 5-pack license.

This plugin does a fantastic job of hiding your core files, file paths, login page, and more. It performs the following functions, to name just a few:

  • Change the wp-admin and wp-login URLs
  • Change lost password URL
  • Hide /wp-login path
  • Disable XML-RPC access
  • Change URLs using URL Mapping
  • Weekly security checks and reports
  • Email support, and more

4. WAF/CDN protection

A big step towards protection is blocking people you don’t want to have access to your site, altogether. This can be accomplished via a WAF (web application firewall) combined with a CDN (content delivery network).

Fortunately, GoDaddy offers this type of protection through Sucuri. Once purchased and set up, you can go into the firewall settings and enable GeoBlocking, if you so desire, and block entire countries from accessing your site.

The WAF will also help to speed up your site, since it does a wonderful job of blocking the known bad IPs and allowing the good ones to access your site.

5. Combat comment Spam

Another nuisance is comment form spam. There is a great way to limit or prevent this type of problem. The method I like is to utilize the plugin called wpDiscuz.

With this plugin, wpDiscuz will take over your site’s commenting and check against a host of bad actors, filtering out bad or malicious comments by forcing the commenter to enter credentials to comment. You get an email sent to you with each successful comment on your site, so you can then moderate further, if needed.

6. Enable CAPTCHA

It is highly recommended that you also enable CAPTCHA on all forms on your site(s). This will aid in the prevention of form spam. There are several types of CAPTCHA additions out there. Some ask the user to solve a math equation, some have a puzzle to solve, others have you select a series of pictures, and there are more variations.

7. Enable 2-factor authentication (2FA)

A tried-and-true way of keeping out the knuckleheads out there who would seek to do your site harm is to enable 2-factor authentication on every user of your site. If you are on your site all the time, it can be a mild inconvenience to have to enter the 2FA each time you log in. But that is a small price to pay for the security of your site.

A good plugin that can be used to enable 2FA is Wordfence. Just install the plugin and go to this article to see how to enable it.

8. Change the WP-admin URL

The default admin URL has been the same, on WordPress, for years. All bad actors know it and routinely attempt to gain access to your site via said URL. The above mentioned Hide My WP Ghost plugin does a great job of obscuring this URL by simply changing it.

9. Add server-level protection

If your WordPress site is hosted on a server, you can enable other security features that will help keep your site safe. One such feature is in WHM. You can help prevent or limit the possibility of an AnonymousFox compromise by simply turning off Reset Password for cPanel Accounts and Reset Password for Subaccounts.

Simply go to WHM > Tweak Settings > search for password. From there, for the Reset Password for cPanel Accounts and Reset Password for Subaccounts features, select Off. This will help in preventing a bad actor from accessing — and then changing — the cPanel and subaccounts passwords.

The second thing you’ll want to do, if your site is hosted on a server, is to disable shell access to all your cPanel accounts. Just go to WHM > Manage Shell Access > Disable Shell for all cPanel accounts.

10. Strong login credentials

Last among our WordPress security best practices, but certainly not least, always use strong passwords and obscure usernames. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve come across passwords like Password123!. Another common mistake is making the username something relative to the site itself.

If you want to get compromised, that is a sure-fire way to do it.

Long and randomly generated passwords, in conjunction with usernames that have nothing to do with the site, are always your best combo.

Another great idea is to continually change your passwords. It might seem like a pain, but that pales in comparison to getting hacked. How often you change your passwords is up to your discretion. — just as long as you do. (You’ll be glad you did.)

Closing thoughts on WordPress security best practices

All in all, you have worked so hard for your intellectual property (or your client’s). Why not keep it safe? These few, but helpful, WordPress security best practices can go a long way toward a successful and compromise-free website for years to come.

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Does Your Company Understand Master Data Management?



Master data management is a critical process for companies that want to ensure the accuracy and integrity of their data. Yet, many businesses do not understand the importance of master data management, or worse, they think they do but don’t have a sound understanding of it.

In this blog post, we will discuss what master data management is and a guide to understanding the capabilities of MDM software. We will also talk about some of the common misconceptions about master data management and how to overcome them.

What Is Master Data Management?

Master data management is critical for any organization that relies on data to drive business decisions. Without a single, accurate, and consistent view of master data, it would be difficult to make informed decisions about customers, products, suppliers, employees, and other vital aspects of the business.

Furthermore, without master data management, it would be easy for different parts of the organization to have different versions of the truth, leading to confusion and conflict. Fortunately, master data management can help avoid these problems by providing a single source of truth for the organization. In addition to reducing confusion and conflict, master data management can also help to improve decision-making, increase efficiency, and optimize resources.

As a result, master data management is an essential process for any organization that wants to succeed in today’s competitive marketplace.

The Benefits Of MDM

Here are the benefits enjoyed by companies adopting MDM:

  • Improved decision making: When your company has one version of the truth about your master data, everyone from the CEO to the front-line employees can make better decisions because they are all working off the same accurate information.
  • Increased efficiency: Having a centralized system for managing your master data means you will no longer have duplicate records or siloed information. This will lead to increased efficiency and productivity across your organization.
  • Reduced costs: With improved decision-making and increased efficiency comes reduced costs. When your company can make decisions quickly and efficiently, you will save money in the long run.

How To Determine If Your Company Needs MDM

If your company struggles with any of the following, then it is likely that you could benefit from a master data management system:

  • Making decisions based on inaccurate or incomplete data
  • Data is spread across multiple systems and is not consolidated
  • Duplicate records are common
  • Information is siloed within departments or divisions

Master data management

The Steps For Implementing MDM

There are four steps that you need to take to implement a master data management system successfully:

  1. Data discovery: The first step is to identify all the data that needs to be managed. This includes customer data, product data, supplier data, employee data, etc.
  2. Data cleansing: Once you have identified all of the data that needs to be managed, you need to cleanse it. This means removing duplicate records, standardizing formats, and ensuring that the information is accurate and complete.
  3. Data consolidation: The next step is to consolidate your data into a single repository. This will make it easier to manage and maintain your master data.
  4. Data governance: The final step is to put a set of policies and procedures for managing your master data. This includes things like who can access the data, how it can be used, and how it will be maintained.

Tips For Maintaining An MDM System

Here are some tips for maintaining an MDM system:

  • Regularly review your data: You should periodically review your master data to ensure accuracy and up-to-date.
  • Automate your processes: When possible, automate your processes to reduce the chances of human error.
  • Monitor your system: Monitor your system for any changes or anomalies. This will help you catch problems early on and prevent them from becoming more significant issues.

Final Thoughts

You can ensure that your master data management system is effective and efficient by following these tips. Implementing a master data management system can be a big undertaking, but it. Your company will be more efficient, accurate, and productive.

We hope this guide to understanding the capabilities of MDM software was helpful.

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5 Benefits of Dispatch Software to Field Service



Field services like maintenance and repair require attention to detail on various moving parts to ensure a professional execution. But, sometimes, the overseeing part eats up a lot of time, and managers or team leaders find it challenging to track or delegate tasks better.

The good news is that there are now automation tools available, like dispatch systems, to help those in the field service perform their tasks more efficiently by streamlining their processes. Read on about dispatch programs and how field services can benefit from them.

photo credit: Emmanuel Ikwuegbu / Unsplash

Understanding Dispatch Software

Workplace automation is a popular trend in modern companies today. It’s a concept where a program takes over the most repetitive tasks at work, ultimately allowing employees to focus more on their assignments. Fortunately, an automation program fits every business, like dispatch software.

A service dispatch software enables managers to coordinate better with their technicians using various digital tools. It helps save time by removing the need to meet constantly in the office for project briefing and other admin tasks that technicians must perform before heading out, letting them stay on the field and ready to mobilize. Some notable features include tracking, scheduling, and mapping.

And with that, these are five reasons you should use a field dispatch program:

1. Organized Workflow

A dispatch program will help you create an informed decision, so you won’t have to make blind predictions about your team’s turnaround time before setting additional tasks. You can assign tasks based on realistic timelines with calendar and scheduling features, ensuring that the project goes to the right technician. Doing this will help streamline your process and ensure that your team will take care of all pending projects.

2. Team-Friendly Systems

Dispatch programs offer flexible features that allow users to customize their systems based on their current workflow, like setting up their custom notification messages. With a program that fits the company’s dynamics and languages, you empower your teams to move more efficiently with technology at their desired comfort level.

3. Better Communication

Ineffective communication in the workplace can cost businesses billions of dollars in any industry. Communication is essential, especially if your employees are always on the field and you can’t meet them in one place for instructions.

Team leaders and members can relay important information with a dispatch system even while in the field. Most programs are also built with text and email notifications so you can inform technicians immediately of any changes in the project. Since most dispatch programs are mobile-friendly, your team won’t need to flip open their laptops continuously for information on their way to the next job.

Field service management

4. Reduced Human Error

Human error in repetitive tasks is always likely to happen, and it can impact your business in a big way. An employee could provide the wrong location or overlook a piece of information essential to the project, resulting in unnecessary and costly problems.

Automation helps reduce the human element in most mundane tasks so employees can attend to more pressing work. So, instead of technicians and employees going through a bunch of paperwork for the next project, the system will just notify them with complete and accurate information on their devices.

5. Fast Field Response

Responsiveness is essential for industries with field service employees. The faster your technicians get to your clients, the more satisfied they become and the more you edge out your competitors.

One notable feature of quality dispatch software is a proximity search that allows you to look for available teams nearby the client. Combine that with real-time notification, and you can guarantee that help is only a few minutes away.

Dispatch Your Team Better

As technology progresses, workplaces are becoming more cohesive and organized. Thanks to automation tools like dispatch programs, field services are quick, and your organized workflow makes customers happy. Get one for your team and let the gears of your services run smoothly.

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