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The Top Law of Assumption Manifestation Coaches to Watch in 2021



Manifestations that are based on our assumptions, concept of self and state of being are real. Over the last several years, people from all over the world are wanting to improve their conscious living, spirituality and manifestation practices. Lectures by the popular metaphysical teacher Neville Goddard, who coined the term “Law of Assumption”, show a way to create anything one desires by assuming the feeling of the wish already being fulfilled.

There are many pitfalls and misinterpretations that can overcomplicate the art and science of manifesting, which it doesn’t have to be. That’s why, according to Thought LeadHer Media, in order to increase your chances of success when practicing The Law to manifest things into your life, you need a coach.

The top Law of Assumption coaches based on Neville Goddard’s teachings were sought out and are highlighted below. 

Each offering their own unique style of coaching in various life areas such as love and relationships, spirituality, health and well-being, finances, career and entrepreneurship.

Many of them are now accepting clients and offer online classes, group coaching, 1:1 mentorship, memberships and masterminds through synchronistic fit.

Jerica Glasper (@jericaglasper)

Jerica Glasper has a rewarding coaching practice helping spiritual growth enthusiasts and conscious women entrepreneurs learn how the subconscious mind works, name and claim their desires, transform their money drama, and understand why changing their self-concept is the most important “secret” to success.

Ten years ago, when she was at the lowest point in her life, she discovered the movie “The Secret”, which was the catalyst towards her spiritual awakening beyond religious bounds.

In 2015, she wrote down her top passions and desires through a manifestation method called scripting. In addition, she found Neville Goddard’s work through a mentor. She practiced the Law of Assumption and changed her self-identity to match her desires.

Three years later, over half of what she wrote on her list came true, including an engagement to her soulmate, a career move to her dream state of Florida, and getting paid more than double what she was making just 3 years prior.

Since then, she’s helped 100s of people apply the same principles to claim their sovereignty, release their disempowering stories and create their best life through transformational 10-minute techniques that her clients say are “fun, creative and freeing”. From relationships to health, and self-love to finances and professional goals.

As a passionate Facilitator, Manifestation Coach and Money Consciousness Queen at Manifest Your Yes Coaching, Jerica is on a mission is to help 100,000 enlightenment seekers and entrepreneurs live in their zone of “YES!”, remember their divinity, and awaken as conscious creators of a fun, liberating, happy and prosperous life!

To learn more about working with Jerica through her online monthly membership –, her money mindset workshops or business coaching programs, visit

Download her free blank abundance checks, deposit slips and withdrawal forms for all of your money manifestation goals at

Candace Thoth (@awakenthegodself

“Candace Thoth is a Manifestation Coach and Business Success Mentor. She launched her coaching practice after manifesting her dream move to Hawai’i in 2013. Candace specializes in helping dreamers, visionaries, and those who have been told to “be more realistic” materialize their greatest desires. With loving support and bold guidance, she helps her clients, mentees, and students close the gap between where they are and where they want to be.

Candace is passionate about simplified, easy, and fun manifesting. She considers “play” a manifesting hack and an incredibly effective business strategy. Not only has Candace used play as a strategy for her own success, to date, she has facilitated the transformation of thousands of people all over the world through her online courses, YouTube videos, group programs, and private mentoring.

She continues to invite people to explore their infinite nature by normalizing instant and out of thin air manifestations.”

Free access to Candace’s class called “Five Highly Effective Manifesting Techniques” is available at 

Brian Tucciarone (@briantucciarone)

Brian Tucciarone is an Author, Speaker, and Transformation Coach. He is a New York native who relocated to Hawai’i in 2015. After investing several years teaching Social Studies and Special Education, Brian was inspired to share a deep truth that could be used to effectively transform lives.

He left traditional teaching to embark on a spiritual journey; a journey that began with self- love and authenticity, which ultimately led to a deeper understanding of who he is. He often refers to it as coming Home.

As a Transformation Coach, Brian has the honor of supporting spiritual seekers as they transform to their best self, manifest their dreams, and experience the fullness of who they truly are.  

Brian’s love of life is infectious and deeply inspires his audience to experience the wonder and awe of the ever present now moment.  

To learn more and connect with Brian, visit

Judith Mahari (@iamjudithmahari)

Judith started her spiritual journey at a young age, knowing that life was destined for more than the traditional view of living. Throughout her life, she has guided people around her how to walk their own true path to happiness and made it easy for them to understand the true significance of “amor fati”.  

As a yoga and meditation teacher, art historian and medical student, she has a deep and broad knowledge of the physical body, soul and mind composition and its complexity and makes the connection easy to understand and useful.

Working with clear and specific results she discovered that manifesting is living, and living is manifesting and that we are all here to thrive, enjoy, love, laugh and expand to our loving being.

Judith loves the luxury and quality of life; she is an inspiring leader and teacher. Using her own experiences, she makes manifesting seem easy by using the proper tools that suit the individual himself. She helped countless to have the insight of who they truly are and what they can achieve with their life energy.

Her teachings are powerful and awakening, its reminding people to take command of their manifestation and live their best life now and not tomorrow.”

To connect with Judith, visit her website at

Christine Wesson

Christine Wesson completely changed her career path 20 years ago.  After successfully running a variety of businesses with her husband over many years she found herself in dire financial straits.  She suffered the loss of her business, her prestigious home, and her lifestyle, and ended up living in a rented caravan. 

However, this seeming disaster turned out to be a blessing in disguise for it was during this period she was introduced to the principles of the law of attraction and she voraciously read every book she could find on the subject.  She put the principles she was learning into practice and got out of financial difficulty, cleared all debts, and moved on. 

After experiencing manifesting successes in many areas, she trained to become a therapist so she could pass on the skills and mind techniques she had discovered and had so much success with.  She is more focused on moving her client on, from where they are when they start working with her, to the future they desire, rather than focusing on the past.  She believes that when her clients change their state of consciousness the past has been left behind automatically. 

Although she works with many people, with many diverse problems she has recently developed a new weight loss program, called, ‘The Only Way to Lose Weight’™. This program was developed after Christine realized that everyone who has ever lost weight successfully, at any time, has been using a certain formula along with their diet, and the formula they have used has been the most important part of their success.   The program is built around this discovery and Christine’s goal is to introduce it to the world to end the misery that many people face on a daily basis. 

To learn more about Christine’s signature weight loss program using the Law of Assumption, visit her website at

Ameido (@manifestwithameido)

Ameido is a Mindset Manifestation Consultant who helps conscious creators remove their self-doubt so they can manifest their significant other and create a self-concept from which they consistently manifest their desires. 

Ameido creates inspiring and informative Instagram reels and TikTok videos on the topics of spirituality, identity-based manifesting and conscious living.

To learn more and connect with Ameido, visit her website at:

Gabriel Coetzee (@manifestwithgabriel)

Gabriel Coetzee is a Self-Concept Coach who helps people radically transform their personal lives and businesses. With fun and ease, he guides his clients through changing their self-concepts to manifest anything they desire.

By changing his own self-concept, he manifested his dream partner, dream apartment, dream cars and dream business, and it’s his passion to help others achieve the same results.

To learn more about Gabriel’s coaching and to connect with him, visit

Paula Finney (@MysticMarina)

Mystic Marina also known as Paula Finney is a Transformation Empowerment manifesting Coach/teacher using her intuitive, clairsentient, clairvoyant, channeling gifts. She’s been working with clients for over 6 years.

She works with men and women who are ready to transform the old self to the new self. She draws upon her own personal life transformation as a divorced, beautiful, Hispanic mother of 5 coming into her own awakening with the help and guidance of her own mentors and diving deep into her own transformation which she freely shares with her clients.

Her Concept of Self speaks clearly because she remembered the love she has for herself is more powerful and impactful to receive as well as give and it is an impactful journey which allows her to have the impact she knows her clients love and cherish.

She’s created a 7-week course called Transformation At Its Finest with step by step processes that are specifically designed for her clients. The sessions in this course are recorded and sent to her clients so they can integrate these sessions before the next. She offers 1 on 1 sessions for her clients as well as singing bowl sound bath sessions. 

Mystic Marina is passionate when it comes to her clients successes. Boldly live life to the fullest with the feeling of freedom, peace, enjoyment and love. If you’re ready to dive in deep Mystic Marina is here to dive in deep with you.

Learn more and reach out to Paula here: @MysticMarina | Linktree

Andrea Sun (@andreasun999)

Andrea is an international leader as an “Intuitive Manifesting Coach, Acupuncturist and Qigong Trainer” (with transformative client results).

She founded the “Magnetic Life” Academy and is the co-founder of the True Confidence Club.

Her mission is to unite 1 million people to support “Generational True Confidence” and remind them who they really are.

As a sensitive New Zealand born Chinese girl at aged 5yrs old, she was called names, which left her traumatized, alone and feeling like a “misfit”.

Later, she developed a genetic, chronic skin condition, which would flare up severely when she was stressed.

Over the last few decades, she studied countless holistic modalities and manifesting, to “try to clear it”. It would be better for a while, then flare up again. This went back THREE generations in her family, and after TWO months of scratching, she reclaimed her True Self and declared: “I don’t care what it looks like, I HAVE flawless skin NOW”.

The next day, she woke up and the skin all over her body was flawless, and it was completely gone for good, naturally.

Through Andrea’s powerful methods, she guides her clients to easily release the mind-body, business, health and energy blocks, to create a more sustainable business, health and a magnetic life they truly love.

Andrea’s free “Break Free From Your Manifesting Rollercoaster” masterclass is available at

Jerry Emeka (@human.imagination)

Jerry Emeka is an imagination coach and transformation facilitator. Helping people get out of the hamster wheel of life, shift from seeing themselves as victims, and learn how to powerful they truly are with his coaching program Imaginarium.

Jerry is the co-host of the Neville Goddard club on Clubhouse, where he leads weekly thought-provoking discussions.  Jerry also facilitates a Neville Goddard book club.

To learn more about his classes and coaching, visit

Gigi Star (@shiftwithgigistar)

Gigi Star helps you understand Neville Goddard’s techniques, and the universal laws of Attraction/Law of Assumption, so you understand what Neville meant and know how to use the laws on purpose to get results. It’s something you do all the time blindly by default. Why not know the rules of life and use them knowingly to your advantage?

Join her free manifestation workshops on Saturdays by visiting her Instagram page (@shiftwithgigistar) and by clicking on the link in her bio for Linktree.

Each of these amazing Law of Assumption manifestation coaches are doing amazing work in the world by helping people manifest their authentic, fulfilling dream life. Be sure to follow each one on social media via their @ handle next to their names. As well as, opt-in to their free gift, explore their websites and courses, and/or join their online communities. A big thanks to each expert for saying yes to this feature by Thought LeadHer Media.

Media Contact

Company Name: Thought LeadHer Media
Contact Person: Tiffany Jones
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 9728859725
Country: USA

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“LiveReal: Faith, Miracles, and Lessons Learned Through a Pediatric Liver Transplant” reaches the top of Amazon Best Seller Lists



LiveReal hits #1 on the Amazon Best Seller Lists on International Stores.

LiveReal: Faith, Miracles, and Lessons Learned Through a Pediatric Liver Transplant hit the #1 position on the Best Seller List on November 5th, 2021. The book also reached the #1 position on international Amazon stores, including USA, Canada and Australia.

LiveReal: Faith, Miracles, and Lessons Learned Through a Pediatric Liver Transplant recounts a family’s journey through their daughter’s liver transplant. It is a story of faith and miracles following a life-threatening diagnosis of Biliary Atresia.

This story provides a candid portrait of the fears, struggles, and hard decisions that loving parents had to face. From a Kasai surgery to the prospect of a second transplant, the family experienced both the beauty and heartache of life events.

The author said, “The power of a positive mindset can be leveraged to bring meaningful personal growth. I hope that our family’s journey will help you keep the faith and mindset that better days are ahead and trust that everything will be well.”

Samantha Melaney is a health coach and success ambassador who uses the experience from her family’s journey to facilitate change in people from the inside out. She is an advocate of organ donation and loves to share her daughter’s experience of receiving a lifesaving pediatric liver transplant.

LiveReal: Faith, Miracles, and Lessons Learned Through a Pediatric Liver Transplant is now available on Amazon, in both Kindle and paperback format.

To learn more about LiveReal, please visit

Media Contact

Company Name: Strategic Edge Innovations / Global Wellness Media
Contact Person: Eric D. Groleau
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 866-467-9090
Country: Canada

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Legal Specialist Recruiter, Founder, and CEO of Elias Recruitment, Jason Elias, wins the 2021 Talint International “Recruitment Leader of the Year” award.



Multi-award-winning recruitment specialist Jason Elias has been recognised again for outstanding leadership in the Australian recruitment industry.

In a win for the legal community, the founder and CEO of Elias Recruitment, Jason Elias has been awarded the prestigious regional Talint award for leadership and excellence in recruitment. This year’s winner from Australia is no stranger to success as Elias won the same award last year, as well as the 2020 Recruitment Leader Award from the Australian Peak Industry Body, the RCSA.

In his acceptance speech at Talint’s Gala Awards Night event recently, Mr. Elias thanked his team members who have helped him achieve such great things over the years – ‘I’m not going to go up there without acknowledging my team’.

The award-winning recruiter is passionate about helping others reach their potential and making a real difference in their lives. In his own words, ‘I love what I do because every day I get to help somebody reach their goals and fulfil their potential. Similarly, finding and securing top talent for our clients so that they succeed is also a huge motivational factor for me and my team, and a rewarding journey’.

Talint’s award is an award for excellence in recruitment and recognises the firm’s industry leadership. The award was created to acknowledge those individuals who bring innovation, inspiration and energy to their field of expertise through superior performance. This person must be an innovator within his or her firm as well as a thought leader among peers – something that Jason Elias has clearly proven himself to be over the years.

The award is judged by an international panel of experts and takes into account a wide range of criteria such as creativity, achievement, client service, innovation, talent management and more.

The judges applauded Jason for his unwavering commitment to innovation and cooperation, as well as his extraordinary dedication to enhancing the profile and professionalism of the recruiting sector.

Elias credited the triumph to his team of recruiters in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, and Western Australia. “It’s fantastic to be an overnight success after 21 years in the legal recruitment market,” Elias remarked.

Elias Recruitment are proud to have Jason Elias as their CEO and look forward to seeing continued success in the future for both clients and aspiring candidates.

About Jason Elias: Jason Elias is a recent winner of the Australian Recruitment Leader of the Year at the RCSA awards. He is currently Chairman of the RCSA New South Wales/ACT regional Council and Global Chairman of NPA worldwide. He was previous winner of the NPA Chairman’s Award. He is a qualified legal practitioner, fellow of the RCSA and recently  completed a Masters in Legal Business Management.

About Elias Recruitment: Elias Recruitment is a legal recruitment specialist, placing legal professionals into legal roles Australia-wide. Founded in 2000, Elias Recruitment are headquartered in Sydney, and have consultants in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.

Elias Recruitment
Suite 901, Level 9 84 Pitt Street
Sydney NSW 2000
PHONE: +61 2 9555 5711
EMAIL: [email protected]

Location Info:
Elias Recruitment- Legal jobs In Australian Law Firms And Inhouse Legal Teams
Suite 901/84 Pitt St, Sydney, New South Wales 2000

Media Contact

Company Name: Elias Recruitment
Contact Person: Jason Elias
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 0295555711
Country: Australia

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Mortgage Lender Ron Pippin Reveals Mortgage Myths and Truths for First-Time Home Buyers on Influencers Radio



Mortgage Lender Ron Pippin was the featured guest on Influencers Radio with Jack Mize.

Buying a house can be a stressful and confusing process – especially for a first time home buyer who is trying to understand the down payment, credit, and income requirements to qualify for a mortgage.

On a recent episode of Influencers Radio with Jack Mize, Mortgage Lender Ron Pippin discussed the common myths, misconceptions, and financing mistakes facing first-time home buyers.

During the interview, Pippin revealed one of the most common misconceptions about home financing that make qualified buyers feel homeownership is out of their reach, saying, “A lot of people think that you need 20% down or more to buy a home. And in today’s environment, that’s really tough to come up with 20% on a home. It’s a significant amount, and a lot of people just don’t have that. There are programs that allow people to buy a home with much less. In fact, sometimes with zero down allows them to become a homeowner …There are specific government programs … if you’re a veteran, a VA home loan requires no money down. If you live in a rural area, there’s a USDA program that requires no money down. But then what’s less known are some of the government grants and down payment assistance programs that are available and also require very little or no money down.  Many states have a first-time buyer program that they couple the downpayment assistance with a regular mortgage that covers the entire downpayment, and sometimes even the closing costs. So, you’re bringing in very little or no money down. Especially if the sellers are willing to pay some closing costs, then you literally can get in with no money down. Downpayment assistance differs from grant programs that are available as well. They can vary depending on the state, county, and even cities. And some cities and counties have grant programs available anywhere from a couple thousand dollars on up to thirty or forty thousand dollars that can help people get into a home based on their income, where they live, or where they’re going to live. And so it really is, takes away that barrier of buying a home with 20% down which allows people to get in very quickly, and not have to put off the home buying process.”

Since 1995, Ron Pippin has been helping first-time buyers get the right financing for the house that their family will call HOME.

Ron is the Branch Manager and Team Leader for The Pippin Team at Cardinal Financial in Ogden, Utah.  He has been listed in the top 3% of mortgage originators nationwide.  But more importantly, he’s been an Educator and Advocate for the thousands of families he’s helped navigate the home financing process. 

To listen to the full interview, visit

To learn more about Ron Pippin and The Pippin Team, visit

Media Contact

Company Name: Influencers Radio
Contact Person: Rachel Allen
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 713-242-1662
Country: United States

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