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Reinstate Your Wyoming Corporation

If your corporation has being administratively dissolved due to it not filing an annual report, or if has been administratively dissolved for failure to maintain a Wyoming Registered Agent, you can reinstate your corporation and bring it back to good standing with the state. It is not very expensive, compared to most states, and it is fairly easy.

The information below is provided to help you understand the process and to take action to reinstate your corporation.

What is your corporate status?

You can reinstate if your corporate status is either “Delinquant” or “Inactive – Adminstratively Dissolved”. If your status is any other, you cannot reinstate through the means described below.

Not sure of your corporate status or what some of the other options are? Go here to Check your Wyoming Corporate Status.

How far back?

Did you know that you can reinstate even if your dissolution occurred many years ago?  Further, you don’t have to pay additional annual fees

What is cost?

The cost to reinstate, regardless of how long your corporation was administratively dissolved is fixed.
$250 – If your corporation was administratively dissolved for failure to maintain a registered agent.
$50 – If your corporation was administratively dissolved for failure to file its annual report and pay the annual license tax.
PLUS $50 – Annual report fee plus any annual license tax (based on your assets in Wyoming)

How to do this?

Wyoming makes the reinstatement process simple, so you can revive your entity. Here are the steps:

  • Get your Filing ID – CLICK HERE to find out your filing ID
  • Obtain Forms to Reinstate – CLICK HERE to enter in your Filing ID and retrieve the state forms you need to reinstate you corporation.
  • File Required Forms with Wyoming – The listed Required Forms (in PDF format) are ready for download. Simply click on the Annual Report Form & Reinstatement Form. Fill out the missing information and then submit to the Wyoming Secretary of State with appropriate state fees.

Need help?

We offer two service options:

  • Filing Assistance ($25) -We can either assist you with filling out your reinstatement forms and then send you everything you need to simply review, sign, and mail in a mailer we provide (with the fees).For $131 (including state fees & shipping) ADD Wyoming Registered Agent for $29 more!
  • SmallBiZ Filing Service ($50 + state fees) – We prepare the forms and email them to you for signature. After you sign and send back to us, we will transmit to the state for filing.Click Here