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Your Left Legacy, LLC, A Miami-Based Online Firm Proficient In Will, Trust Writing, And Planning Is Announcing The Launch Of Its New Website.



Your Left Legacy, LLC, a Miami-based online firm proficient in Will, Trust Writing, and Planning is announcing the launch of its new website, as well as shedding more light on its impeccable services.

 Your Left Legacy’s writing services includes the following: 

Wills and trusts

Writing a will

End of life planning

Setting up a living trust

And, each of these will be discussed in detail below. 

Wills and Trusts.

Wills and Trusts can often be confusing even to the educated. Both, as law jargon, share overlapping similarities but at the same time, are quite different from each other. Wills and trusts are both estate planning tools that can help ensure your assets are protected and bequeathed to your heirs, besides your spouse.

However, one significant difference between the two is in how and when they take effect. Wills don’t go into effect until you pass away, whereas a Trust is effective immediately upon signing and funding it.

Succinctly put, a will is a legal document that spells out how you want your affairs handled and assets distributed after you die.

A trust, which is a bit more complicated, is a fiduciary relationship in which a trustor gives a trustee the right to hold title to property or assets for the benefit of a third party.

Trusts offer greater control over when and how your assets are distributed but they are more expensive, tedious to set up, and actively manage. However, it is pertinent to note that It is possible to have both a will and a trust.

Whether you choose a will or a trust, you should seek professional advisors’ advice (tax, investment, and legal). Your Left Legacy, LLC is perfectly equipped for such services with its simple, straightforward, affordable online Will and Trust packages that cover 99% of people’s needs.

Making a will 

Making a will entails a lot of details including an idea of what your estate will be worth by drawing up a list of your assets and debts.

Assets that typically make up an estate include your home, and other properties you own, bank savings, national savings, insurance, pension funds, investments, and others. 

Debts may include a mortgage, a credit card balance, a bank overdraft, loans, equity release, and others. 

The next step involves deciding on how you want to divide your estate, clearly mapping out who gets what. When this is done, it’s imperative to choose your executors (companies who distribute your estate when you pass on). 

The next step is writing the will. It is important to contact a lawyer who specializes in wills and probate and more so, one licensed with the relevant professional body, such as the Solicitors Regulation Authority or Law Society.

End of life planning 

End-of-life planning is essential but notoriously uncomfortable to prepare.

End-of-life planning typically includes details like end-of-life care preferences and extensive medical interventions and measures that should be taken. End-of-life planning ensures your wishes are clear, subsequently taking the burden of decision-making off your family and loved ones. Regardless of how daunting the task may be, end-of-life planning has been described as one of the last gifts you leave your loved ones. 

 A complete, comprehensive Estate Plan (like the one you can quickly and easily create with Your Left Legacy, LLC that includes your end-of-life wishes can protect your family and safeguard your legacy. 

Set up Living trusts 

A living trust, specifically a revocable living trust, is a legal document that places your assets—investments, bank accounts, real estate, vehicles, and valuable personal property—in trust for your benefit during your lifetime, and spells out where you’d like these things to go upon your death. 

Avoiding probate is the main significant advantage of establishing a living trust, but there are other benefits like privacy protection and flexibility which make it a smart choice. However, a downside to creating a living trust is the expense of planning that comes with it. establishing a trust requires serious legal help, which is not cheap. A typical living trust in Florida is between $2,000 and $3,000 depending on the attorney’s experience. 

Granted, not everyone can afford these hefty sums to set up a living trust, nor have the knowledge to write a will or an end-of-life planning. Hence, Your Left Legacy, LLC holds a virtual event where these legal documentations are simplified and processed for clients. The event also includes live Q&A sessions while specialists are available to process clients’ wills and trusts, all between 60 to 90 minutes. Clients are set to receive their documents by email and by mail within 48 hours of the event.

With a company motto that reads: The BEST PREPARATION for tomorrow is doing your BEST TODAY”, Your Left Legacy, LLC is perfectly set up to help its clients leave a Legacy for generations to come.

Media Contact

Company Name: Your Left Legacy, LLC
Contact Person: Team Vonnie
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 561-564-0588
Country: United States

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Third Annual ‘Celebrate You’ Women’s Financial Wellness Bootcamp Set for Nov. 6



LaWanna Bradford has announced the speaker lineup for the Third Annual “Celebrate You’ Women’s Financial Wellness Virtual Boot Camp on Saturday, November 6, 2021. The half-day interactive workshop features six financial experts including Tasha Chen, Regis Humphrey, Debra L. Morrison, Ferlie Almonte, LaWanna Bradford, and Leida Speller.

“Imagine living with the peace of mind when you step up and take charge of your finances. Your future self will thank you!” said LaWanna Bradford, Commercial & Investment Mortgage Broker/Financial Analyst with The Bradford Group LLC.

Bradford outlined some of the statistics related to women and money:

  • Only 47% of women are comfortable talking about money.
  • The pandemic has had a disproportionate impact on women and their finances.
  • Women must save 18% while men must save 10% to reach the same financial level in retirement.
  • Women have 30-40% less than men saved for retirement.
  • 90% of women will be solely responsible for their finances at some point in their lives.
  • The average woman retires with less than $20K in annual retirement.

The 3rd Annual Women’s Financial Wellness Boot Camp is a half-day INTENSIVE interactive boot camp.

“It will show you how to SHIFT your mental game, RISE above your financial mistakes, BUILD wealth, EXERCISE money saving strategies, and SCULPT a healthy and fit financial future,” said Bradford. 

“Whether you are on the right path, or if you could use a little incentive and motivation, join us and get information, tips, and tactics that you can apply immediately on your journey to financial fitness,” she said.

6 Financial Experts will talk to us about:

1) MONEY MINDSET – “Financial Worthiness vs. Deservingness” – Tasha Chen, Money & Business Mindset Expert with Science of Getting Rich Academy.

2) CREDIT – “Credit Your Cornerstone to Building Financial Wealth” – Regis Humphrey, Senior Underwriter III with CMG Financial.

3) WOMEN & MONEY –“Convert Your Financial Mistakes into Winning Recoveries” – Debra L. Morrison, CFP®, MS, AEP with Women Navigating Finances.

4) INSURANCE – “Life Insurance You Don’t Have to Die to Use” – Ferlie Almonte, Living Benefits Specialist with Ferlie Almonte.

5) MORTGAGES –“Reduce This One Risk & 10X Your Saving Power” – LaWanna Bradford, MPA – Commercial & Investment Mortgage Broker/Financial Analyst with The Bradford Group, LLC.

6) INVESTMENTS & RETIREMENT – “Plan on Being Here – The Forgotten Golden Years” – Leida Speller, CFP® – Holistic Financial & Income Retirement Specialist with Apogee Financial Partners.

Celebrate You Women Embracing Wellness

Become a member of Celebrate You Women Embracing Wellness Movement where women are making an impact on the lives of their family, community, nation, and ultimately the world. “We believe in being the change we wish to see in the world.”

“Check out the amazing lineup of financial trainers,” said Bradford. “If you want to know what’s going on in the world of finances today and the changes that may impact you, you will want to be at this dynamic boot camp.”

Enter code CELEBRATE at to save a seat at the 3rd Annual Women’s Financial Wellness Boot Camp.

Media Contact

Company Name: Bradford Group LLC
Contact Person: LaWanna Bradford
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (404) 618-2824
Country: USA

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October 15, 2021 – Uniting America Walk, Rev. Dr. Johannes J. Christian, “A Blind Man’s Vision For Unity Through Forgiveness and Reconciliation”



On October 15, 2021, Rev. Dr. Johannes J. Christian, 70, of Columbus, Ohio, will begin to walk the 400 miles from Columbus, Ohio to Washington D.C. He plans to arrive at the Monument to Martin Luther King, Jr. on October 30, 2021

Christian lost his eyesight at age 50 in 2001 due to the actions of a young boy. It was about 11:30 PM on a July evening. Dr. Johannes Christian was on Interstate 70, driving home. As he approached an overpass near Springfield, Ohio, Jacob – one of several boys – hurled a boulder off the bridge. The boulder smashed through the windshield of Dr. Christian’s car, crushing the front part of his skull. His passenger managed to pull the car over to the shoulder safely.

The boulder also had a profound impact on Christian’s family, friends, and communities. “Tyrone, my son, was so angry. He didn’t understand why he couldn’t take Jacob down and beat the hell out of him,” said Christian. Personally, Dr. Christian was angry “at everything: God, the world, the kid who threw the rock…”

It’s true that Christian has learned to cope and adapt to a life without sight: “Shaving!” he said. “I don’t have to shave in front of the mirror. And I can’t drive a car anymore.” But, coping and adapting aside, sometimes the anger still resurfaces: “I don’t know that you’re ever complete with physical and emotional recovery,” he said. “There are moments when I know that I’m blind. I have at least 20 grandchildren whose faces I’ve never seen. Everyone can tell me what my grandchildren look like, but I don’t know what they look like,” said Christian. “They will be here visiting; they will draw a picture and then realize I can’t see their drawing.”

Rev. Dr. Johannes J. Christian found himself at a turning point when he saw how angry his children felt. “It hurt me,” he said. “No matter how justified my anger was, I saw that I needed to turn it around.”

The Forgiveness Path: Had To Begin Within Him. The Pathway to Peace and Unity Begins with Forgiveness.

Dr. Johannes Christian may have lost his eyesight, but he didn’t lose his vision, a simple trifecta of Forgiveness, Reconciliation, and Unity. “I want to start the conversation about forgiveness and reconciliation so that people can recognize where they are,” he said. Forgiveness is a selfless act. “The forgiveness act – while it looks like it’s about the perpetrator – it’s actually cathartic for the victim,” said Dr. Christian. “If I forgave,” Christian said, “Our family could learn how to let go. Every time we came together for family prayer, we asked God to bless Jacob.”

Forgiveness isn’t easy. Jacob was actually trying to kill someone. Yes, Jacob just wanted some anonymous somebody dead. Dr. Christian just happened to be in the crossfire of Jacob’s wicked intent. So no, it isn’t fair to say that forgiveness wouldn’t be high on any of your priorities.

The 400-mile journey-on-foot is a challenge for all of us to engage in self-evaluation and acknowledge and understand our own logic — the flaws, Dr. Christian says, that shut others out. “I’m raising the issue that there is a need for forgiveness, unity, and reconciliation,” said Christian. “I hope that you will see that there is a need for forgiveness, in our lives, in our communities, and in our country.”

It’s no secret that our country is divided. But unfortunately, there is so much that we allow to divide us: we use our opinions, judgments, assessments, and evaluations against each other; we cling to issues of race, ethnicity, sexual preference, abortion, wealth, politics, etc. And here is where unwillingness to forgive has got us today. United we stand, divided we fall.

Dr. Christian said, “My want is that all people would stop and think about the things that keep our country from being united. In our personal lives, in our community, and our world.

With the walk from Columbus, Ohio to Washington D.C., Dr. Christian offers a daring new perspective: “Disregard the negativity that divides us. Christian said. “If the rhetoric you hear from someone offends you, come to a peaceful, united front. Step toward Forgiveness, Reconciliation, and Unity: “Hear what they are saying, then come to a resolution on how their rhetoric affects you and your community and change the negativity to a peaceful and positive outcome,” said Christian.

Unity is the ultimate goal. More to the point, it begins with where we’re unwilling to push through and move forward with each other. But at the heart of Unity is the question of Forgiveness and Reconciliation. “If we don’t really deal with it,” said Dr. Christian, “We’ll never get to unity; we can’t love somebody equally if we see them as less than.”

For Christian, the 400-mile walk is his way of changing the dialog towards forgiveness, reconciliation, and Unity.

“What I want is this walk to create a platform for the conversation to bring about change, to bring about unity,” he said. “I want to see us truly working with each other to create a positive outcome. We can see each other the way we see ourselves. It has to be reflected both in our words and our actions.” It opens an invitation to set yourself on the pathway to Unity. I want to invite everybody to participate in this journey with me personally.”

Come walk and cheer Dr. Christian on as he covers the last 3 miles to the Statue of Martin Luther King, Jr. in the heart of Washington D.C. Join Dr. Christian at 10 AM, October 30, 2021, at the Rally for Forgiveness, Reconciliation, and Unity. Then, celebrate with Dr. Christian at 6 PM, October 30, 2021, at the Black Tie, Red Carpet *Celebration Banquet. The Banquet will be held at St. Thomas Orthodox Indian Church, at 13505 New Hampshire Ave, Silver Spring MD 20904.

All Covid-19 precautions and protocols, including face coverings, will be observed for your health and safety, as well as the health and safety of those around you.

Dr. Johannes Christian is the Face of Forgiveness Foundation founder, a non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness about victimization and the power of forgiveness while living with a disability.

To find out more about the Face of Forgiveness Foundation and for more information on Dr. Christian’s walk, please visit

To participate in Dr. Christian’s walk financially, please donate generously at

Rev. Dr. Johannes Christian and The Face of Forgiveness Foundation would like to thank all their sponsors, including

  • Wendy’s – Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption
  • Steve Sughrim, Owner/CEO at DominionHeir Lifestyle – MyDHLife
  • Hope Token, Dave Bass
  • Limitless Video Productions, Justin Higgins
  • Just to name a few

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Company Name: Rise Up Media & Marketing
Contact Person: Tom Chesser
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 210-289-5996
Country: United States

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Psychologist and Mental Game Coach Dr. Delice Coffey Reveals the Power of Mental Preparation For Athletes on Influencers Radio



Psychologist and Mental Game Coach Dr. Delice Coffey was the featured guest on Influencers Radio with host Jack Mize.

What separates great athletes from good athletes goes beyond physical skills, years of dedicated practice, and gifted genetics. While those are certainly important, the best of the best will tell you that mindset and mental preparation played just as important a role as physical preparation in their success.

On a recent episode of Influencers Radio with Jack Mize, Psychologist and Mental Game Coach Dr. Delice Coffey discussed how she is helping junior high, high school, college, and semi-professional basketball players to elevate their game by educating and empowering them to be the best version of themselves so that they can soar to the top in sports and life.

During the interview, Dr. Coffey explained why so many of the greatest athletes attribute mental preparation to their ability to perform at those highest levels, saying, “What separates the good athletes from the elite athletes is their mental game. And what I mean by that is when athletes get to the level where they’ve put in their 10,000 hours, have trained over and over again, and have put in so much time developing their physical skills so they’re super great. But what happens is everyone at that level has put in the time and the work. They’re all great. So, the thing that’s going to separate them is how well they can focus, how well they can maintain composure, and whether they can get that mental edge during very difficult times when the competition is really close. It’s the mindset that will separate them and have the good athletes become great athletes and winning over and over again.”

Dr. Coffey played organized sports in junior high and high school. Having always admired elite athletes and wanting to be one herself, she became an International Table Tennis Champion in college.  After college, she started bodybuilding, eventually switching to powerlifting.  As a result of her ability to focus and visualize what she wanted, she won several local competitions and went on to break ten North Carolina State records, the APA national record, and the APA world record, all while working as a Psychologist in the clinical field.

After doing clinical work for over two decades, Dr. Coffey started studying sports psychology and realized that her natural ability to focus and visualize is a science that can be taught, and she wanted to learn how to teach others.

Today, as the Founder of Living Well n Sport & Life and the D. Coffey Foundation for Athletics and Education, Dr. Coffey specializes in sport and clinical psychology and is dedicated to improving the overall well-being of young athletes, both mentally and physically.

Dr. Coffey is also the author of “An Athlete’s Guide to Peak Performance Series,” which includes two books, “Building Confidence” and “Focus Like A Champion,” as well as “Mindfulness & Guided Imagery Audio.”

To listen to the full interview, visit

To learn more about Dr. Delice Coffey, visit

Media Contact

Company Name: Influencers Radio
Contact Person: Rachel Allen
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 713-242-1662
Country: United States

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